Delivery through “drones”?

Delivery through “drones”?

Yes, on-line retail giant Amazon has this in mind – to deliver your goods through “drones”. Yup, it’s those unmanned “flying octopuses”, if that’s how you want to call it.


Can you imagine that?

A bit too futuristic huh? Well, on a quick look – yes. But looking deeper, not really. ‘Cause we’re really headed that way. Look at our smartphones, our smartwatches… and even the use of cellphones while 10,000 feet up in the air is being considered.

On hearing this, what came to mind were things like: Wow, this could be noisy. Yes, there’s no traffic but that’s just for the “start”, later on, the air would be something like polluted. Not just the air pollution that we all know but… see, these are like “giant bees” in the air hovering above us that could interfere with nature. And more so, we may not be able to determine if these are not the surveillance kind of thing.

Hmm… this would be pretty interesting though.

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