Gadget Review: Subwoofer Speaker

With the many gadgets nowadays, choices have shifted from need to desire. Let’s start off our 2014 gadget review with something that interests many of our teens today – a Subwoofer Speaker.Subwoofer Speaker MERO_Edited

So, what makes this interesting?

First and foremost, it’s connected to music – the universal language. While the world swells with a variety of tongues, music has not only helped bridge borders but inspired many to “action” – personal (like love) or political (like causes).

Now the gadget proper.

Subwoofer Speaker
Subwoofer Speaker

Well, the Subwoofer Speaker has ports for the USB, and the SD or the MMC. On the other hand, some of these speakers also has slots to what many refers to as the “T-flash” or the microSD. This means you could play “crisp and loud” music with almost any storage device you would prefer to.

Lastly, of course, not only is it cute… and handy in some way, but it is strikingly affordable. Besides, it also comes with a rechargeable battery.

Oh, I know, that’s common nowadays.

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