Innovation Watch: Samsung Galaxy S5

Our feature for today could actually fall under the Product Review category but since it got a feature that many, if not all, consumers are looking for.. it might as well be discussed for its Innovation, and it’s no other than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Unveiled just about last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the S5 is “water” and dust resistant. Yes, it is.. and though it’s not yet water-proof, certainly it’s a big leap towards what we really need.

See, many manufacturers are just simply enlarging their screens with little to no progress towards flexibility where water is involved..

..oh yeah, the trend also includes some biometrics like heart rate and things like that. But know what, though the S5 also has this feature, the youth especially would not care so much about it (unless you’re real sickly or old) compared to mapping and its built-in camera.


And speaking of cameras, the Galaxy S5 has equipped itself of a 16-megapixel cam. Hmm… with this upgrade, we can now say goodbye to digital cameras. Oh!

In the end, a smartphone would not be “complete” if its security is common – what with all the theft and hacking going on?! And for Samsung Galaxy S5, they now also have this “fingerprint” reading feature..

..with one swipe, you can unlock and gain access to your phone and its most secured data.

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