The Mexican Tacos on Food Review

While the West have burgers, the Middle East has shawarma.. and our 27th most delicious food in the world? It comes from Mexico, and it’s called Taco.

Yeah, for those who have tried it, well, you must have loved it. Notice? Even some junk food was formed and named after the taco.

So now, let’s see how this delicious breakfast (in its most basic form), actually, anytime of the day delicacy is made..

Yes, by a Mexican himself – Daniel Degollado.

Hmm… regardless of his playing an instrument, one key ingredient here would be the tortilla. If they are not hot and crispy on the edges then it’s not truly a taco per se. Mexicans just love spicy food. So, still without the hot sauce and salsa, the dish would seem lacking.

Lastly, as Daniel would put it: “do not put lettuce, tomato or rice in a taco!!”  Of course, it’s not a BLT sandwich.


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