YouTube Review: The Change Room Curtain Gap

Okay, most of us buys clothes at shopping malls and stores unless you get yours online. Still, the main advantage of shopping in malls is that you could actually try the merchandise before buying it – and that’s why we shop, physically.

But have you actually experienced the stress of trying those clothes on when shopping? Like, the change room curtain gap?

In our featured YouTube video of the week, we see how women in particular has this kind of problem. The curtain gap. In this case, you got that uneasiness while changing and trying those clothes on – as in someone might see you naked or something – so you kinda hurry. And sometimes, because you were in a hurry, you weren’t really able to choose well among the clothes you were trying. Well, thanks or no thanks to the curtain gap.

Then again, like how a number of shoppers feel, that gap was really done on purpose – and it’s certainly not for that kind of “peeking.”

So why? Theft. There are just some lost souls who would try on those clothes, and then would also try to leave the store unnoticed.

Hmm… See? So next time you go shopping – just call a friend or a female staff to look after you while changing – that gap would be better than having a CCTV in your dressing room.

Curtain gap solved.

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