Innovation Watch: Yotaphone 2

Here’s one smartphone that would really be nice to have – the Yotaphone 2.

It’s the world’s first double-screen smartphone. This means, it does not only have the regular front screen that we know – it also has back screen, or what is called the e-ink display..

What you can do on the main screen, you can also do at the back – from checking emails to using social media to getting bar codes in apps scanned to what have you.

What’s more is that the phone’s back display can stay on all the time – there’s no such thing as “low batt.”

Cool, right?!

That would be great for emergencies! Two things though – how protected really is the back from scratches and stuff? Also, how long is long? The “power all the time” thing, I mean.. Hopefully, til the necessary support arrives.

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