Gadget Review: Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Our featured gadget is one that has actually been around for decades, yes, in Japan. Really. But understandably, one could say “How come we haven’t really heard of it?” .. Really? Can’t be.

Anyway, this could also be because of practices as in every place has their own; like, the use of toilet paper is more of Western, you know. So for us, it’s really a choice between paper and water. And the product we’re talking about is the Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat..


Yes, it’s basically placed on a bowl but that in fact would help you clean your bottoms. How? First, it warms your bottoms then it cleans it by using warm water as in warm-water spraying – which is the fundamental feature of the gadget..


Hmm… so obviously, water cleans better than paper – which is what many parts of the world are now starting to realize and accept, save for a large portion of Asians..

Water has been a cleaning fixture. So, adding an electronic bidet to their lives won’t really be a problem. The only issue here, of course, would be its $250 price. Wow!

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