Food & How To: Khao Phat (Thai)

With around six varieties to choose from, our food review for this week would tackle the Khao Phat of Thailand – the world’s 24th most delicious food.

In our video, we shall see how one of its variations, or the Khao Phat Pu (fried rice – crab) is actually cooked courtesy of Hot Thai Kitchen.

Hmm… looking at her choice of ingredients, its good that she placed lesser fish sauce – more of it must be bit salty. Okay, fish sauce may be a fixture in Thai cooking, but it’s still up to you to adjust the measurements and what’d make it tick. image

And so, the sugar and lime did the trick – neutralized the salt and even added more flavor.

In all, cooking fried rice is a matter of the rice you used.. the ingredients you placed.. and how well you stirred.

Yet here are some more tips..

Use a big pan when frying to have enough room to stir. High heat should make your rice tastier and more fragrant. If you’d use chicken or pork, it’d be better if you marinate it first..

Of course, for a more delicious meal. So, enjoy!

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