Product Review: Cool Little Combo Products 2

So, ready for some cute little combo products? Well, we got 2 for today, a bear and a gnome; so, here we go with the first one..

$23.39 at
$23.39 at

bear 2

Just look at the bear, huh?! So nice to squeeze.. Hah! But it’s not for squeezing though what with a belly full of screwdrivers. Six different types to be exact: 2 Phillips, 2 Slotted and 2 Hex and Rachet tools.

Like it? Well, the Papa Bear Screwdrivers could even be split into 3: head, torso and toes. Just be careful, your kids might play with them.

$24.99 at animi causa

gnome 2

Now, here comes the gnomes.. Wait! It’s a trowel and garden fork!

How cute, eh?! With a built-in cutting blade, it helps in digging, weeding and flower pot gardening. Just remember, it’s specifically designed and sized (10 x 4 x 16.5 cm each) for indoors.. Obviously.

So, with the Herberts Gardening Companions, you got another set of decors! Ehem.. tools.

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