My Home: Will Smith’s $2.5M Motor Home

While there are those who’d like to have a cabin in the woods, there are also those who like mobile homes — whether in a yacht or a large trailer. Today, we bring you Will Smith’s $2.5 million motor home..

Cool! Well, this would be the way to go if you’re an entertainer or one who needs to be (meet or work) on various on-site locations while enjoying the privacy and luxury he desires. Airplanes, hotels.. in this case, they’re just not enough. For one, you’d still need to walk through the hotel lobby, get on that elevator and even try to locate your room if you are drunk. Wow!

Then this kind of home is ideal for bachelors! Really.

Otherwise, here are some of the things you’d miss if you would have a chance to own a motor home — gardening, real home decorating, and especially sending your children to school.

Your address? Ah, never mind.. We live in a ‘virtual’ world now.

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