TV Set Design: Rooftop Prince (Korean 2012)

Living on a higher ground has always been fascinating to many that even hotels and condos recognize this — that’s why the high prices; yet for some, what is it really like to live in an attic? And so we now feature a wonderful 2012 Korean drama, mainly set in a cool attic..

Rooftop Prince. It is about  a Joseon crown prince who, after his wife’s mysterious death, time travels to the future facing unheralded challenges but inevitably understanding the events and eventually finding his fated love. Let’s check out this rooftop ‘design’..

a3 stairs
Yong Tae Yong (Crown Prince Lee Gak) getting down the rooftop stairs
a4 stairs road
Entrance is by the road.. with Park Ha (Bu Yong) climbing up

Well, obviously made for the city. And just the ‘right entrance’ to the rooftop — the side stairs. Otherwise, there’d be no privacy.

a6 roof set
Especially charming at night.. Good lighting and color combination.
a8 entrance
After the main door is a sliding door
a9 living
Love the balcony, notice it?
a10 living
Could there have been a better way to fix the TV?
a11 living
To the right of the stairs is a small dining and kitchen

The design is somewhat ‘box type’ but cool just the same.

a13 dining kitchen
The kitchen-dining area

The dining area normally speaks of how big the ‘family’ is.. Cute, eh?!

a14 entertainment guest room
Entertainment or hangout area
a15 lee gak room
Yong Tae Yong’s bedroom
Yong Tae Yong's bed
Yong Tae Yong’s bed

Beautiful sheets and lighting but could have added a little table..

a18 park ha room 2
Park Ha’s bedroom
Park Ha's dresser
Park Ha’s dresser

Don’t you just love the ceiling?! The ambiance is just refreshing!

If there’s anything to fix, it could only be the living room’s curtain — it’s just a little too green with the yellow beside it. In all, just lovely!

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