Gadget Review: Onewheel

Now one of those intriguing products we’ve noticed at the CES 2016 has been the Onewheel. What is it? In layman’s terms, it is a board with one wheel — a hoverboard kinda thing. Sounds fun? Yep!

When we first saw it though, some concerns popped up. Like for one it looks tough to balance, so dangerous! Hey, it’s only got ‘one’ wheel and a big one that even looks heavy or hard to control in some ways!

Second. Oh, what are the chances of ’em tires getting flat? And when it ‘suddenly’ does, what would happen especially while speeding?

Okay, it is said to be ‘self-balancing’. What? If it is then every person who tries it would get it on their first crack, got it? It is still you who controls it, after all; so ‘self-balancing’ is sort of an overstatement.

Next. It’s got ‘intuitive control’; meaning, just lean forward to drive forward, or lean back to stop while press your heels or toes to turn. See? That’s what we’re sayin’! Especially since it only got ‘one’ wheel, the control and the balancing is really on us.

0323 onewheel-1-930x613

Then, it’s got a hub motor and batteries for an extended ride. And it only charges for under an hour. Wow, that’s good, more fun!

Finally, it’s app connected. As it says, it is ‘much like a surfboard is shaped for a particular rider and conditions, Onewheel can adjust to meet your needs and ability’. Well, how useful is it really?

iPhone app is said to be available in the Apple App Store already
iPhone app is now said to be available at the Apple App Store

Anyway, let’s check out specs you’d be interested in..

Motor: 500W transverse flux hub
Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) 48V. Weight: 25 lbs.
Tire: 11.5×6.5-6 Vega
Max lean angle: >30°  Top speed: 15 MPH.  Typical range: 6-7 miles. Recharge time: 20 mins (ultra charger). Dimensions: 9×11.5×30 (in)

Now, the question. It maybe ‘unstable’ at first sight but it’s definitely fun! Then again, how many could afford it for $1,499 each?


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