Consumer Videos: Free Energy to light up your Bulb

Today’s feature will be that of one ‘energy-saving’ means — lighting up your bulb by just basically using magnets. And thereby, giving you some light on areas that doesn’t really require that much brightness.

Wouldn’t that be great? Any amount of saving electricity would certainly help our pockets! So, let’s see how..

It’s simply the basic principle of magnets which many of us actually have experimented when we were still children. Yeah, you must have noticed the ‘repulsive’ properties then! And so, with just the CPU fan, thin neodynium magnets and a led lighting bulb — we can have some needed light for specific purposes.

Okay, although the CPU fan and the bulb would be easy to find, the neodynium magnets could be new to many. Thus, here’s how to recognize and get them for this purpose — or any ‘light-duty’ use.

Oh, there you go! Neodynium magnets are those kidney-shaped and nickel-plated strong magnets that you could also find in almost every computer hard drive. Since you already saw how it could be removed — now, the real issue would then be ‘where to get a hard drive’ if you don’t have any at the basement? Hah!

Ask from friends or family? Scavenge?? Buy old hard drives?!?

You should know better. Ciao!

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