Product Review: Sawyer Mini Water Filter

One of the critical necessities when on an adventure trip is water — not just for bathing but especially for drinking. Yet what if the body of water you find is not clean, or questionable in its potability? What would you do, go find another source — who knows where?

Luckily, there’s now more choices in terms of mini water filters.

Okay, let’s say this mini water filter removes bacteria — which any said ‘water filter’ should, huh! Now, the question is ‘how much water could it filter?’ or approximately ‘how long or how many times could it be used?’ — again, there would be claims of this and that. In the case of this 2 oz. Sawyer Mini Water Filter, it filters up to 100,000 gallons of water. 0524 sawyer mini 1

Obviously, 100,000 gallons of water would be tough to prove for ordinary consumers since you’d literally have to use it until it’s almost unusable. Wow! Then again, going over the limit, or even just within its max could entail some digestive disorders. Would you wait for that? Otherwise, just don’t go the limit to be safe, of course.

0524 sawyer mini 3Still, consumers would not want to waste hard-earned money on a trial basis. This means more education or consumer information needs to be provided by Sawyer and the rest of those making water filters — not simply demos and stuff — to show real value for money.

More than having that pouch, the next concern should be ‘cleaning’, of course. If it’s easy to clean without risk of damaging the filter then go, after all, it does its job and it’s easy to carry, too. So, at $17 each, the Sawyer Mini Water Filter should be worth the adventure.

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