Product Review: The Klax

How important is an ax anyway? Yes, like in your adventures, in camping and stuff? You know, a knife alone won’t do; for one, how’d you cut firewood in the wilderness then? Though by just simply breaking it would help, having an ax is definitely a plus.

And of course, we’re not talking about that big ‘Huntsman’ ax — but The Klax — or The Klecker Ax System.

Then again, you know what’s nice about this? Its size. All you really need is the head of the ax, and you could bring it anywhere since it could fit inside your pocket! Easy to carry, easy to use. Just attach the ax’s head to a handle through its nested clamping system — and you’ll be ready to chop away!

Still, it’s in fact more than just an ax as you’ve seen the video — it’s also a hammer, bottle opener, wrench and scraper, among others.

Okay, okay, we know your concern. Toughness. Well, the material is said to be 420J2 stainless steel, and its hardness is around 48-52 HRc. Yes, it’s heat treated. Oh, too technical, huh? Hmm… To make it simple, you don’t need to worry about it breaking or flying off your handle — as the clamps are well-designed so much so that it requires over 1000 lbs of load to shear it, so it is very stout.

Just choose your handle well. That’s the key. Once secure, you may even build a bed in the woods! Cool, eh?!

Yup, your $115+ is surely worth it.

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