Real Estate: Basak, Pardo, Cebu City Properties

Guess what?! We got 4 properties within the Basak, Pardo, Cebu City area that is being offered to the right buyers. Yeah, just about 200 meters off Cebu South Road; and on the street where passenger jeepneys pass by. Very accessible, indeed!

See, many times, more than the structure itself — it’s the location that what really matters. After all, you can renovate or build your house any way you want to — but you can’t affect its location!

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Property #1: House and Lot (2-Storey Duplex). Lot Area 258 sqm. Floor Area 110 sqm. 6 Bedrooms. 4 TB.  Price P3.8MSOLD!

0625 paul 1 0625 paul 2 0625 paul 3 0625 paul 4 0625 paul 5

Property #2: 2-Storey House and Lot. Lot Area 220 sqm. Floor Area 110 sqm. 5 Bedrooms. 3 Toilet and Bath. Price P4.3M.

0625 peter 1 0625 peter 2 0625 peter 3

Property #3: 176 sqm LOT. Residential or Commercial use. P2.7M.

0625 susie 1 0625 susie 2 0625 susie 3

Property #4: House and Lot. Lot Area 287 sqm. Floor Area 100 sqm. 4 Bedrooms. 1 Toilet and Bath. Price P26,000 per square meter.

Before we go, understand that these prices are not carved on stone for serious buyers. And that it’d be better for you to schedule a visit to see the place yourself rather than just judge subjectively.

So, what are you waiting for?! Contact +63 943 5247120.

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