Consumer Video: Camping Gadgets put to the Test

It’s just about the weekend and could be a nice time for another adventure for many of us — like camping! Yet again, understand that you’re not going to some fashion show or ‘luxurious’ event, so make sure you have just the ‘right’ gadgets with you.

Let us see what’s kinda “trending” in camping gadgets..

Guess what — while some of the gadgets are sort of ‘luxurious’ and close to useless, there are still a few that’s quite handy and a must have especially when staying out. What ya’ think?

Hmm… the ‘airpad’? It might be easy to put away but you’d have to blow your lungs out just to use it! Ah, never mind that it could turn into a seat — you’re camping anyway, you could sit on the ground!

Yeah, same goes with the ‘air couch’ or whatever you call it. Seems like the material is just too thin that it could easily blow up or succumb to pricking. Hey, what’s wrong with these gadgets using ‘air’ nowadays?? They’re just a waste of money.

Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle
Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle

And the ‘pocket chainsaw’?? Wow, while it has its use, it could also be dangerous! Yes, on the handle. Those chains are pretty sharp and there’s no ‘real’ secure spot to hold it while cutting stuff. Huh, I’d rather not bring such..

How about the ‘camping shower’? *Sigh.. This is camping. You’re supposed to experience the wilderness — why bring a shower with you? The cellphone is out of the question, of course. And so, you do need a ‘solar charger’ for that; but the one we have on the video is not really something new — so that shouldn’t really be in the video. Yup, it’s a given that campers should definitely bring with them.

Camping Shower: What happened to 'experiencing' the wilderness?
Shower?? What happened to ‘experiencing’ the wilderness?

The water bottle..? Oh, if only for not taking up space..

3 Gadgets that stood out though. One, the ‘hat with a flashlight’ could help a lot as you wouldn’t need to hold your torch; instead, use your hands for other camping duties. The only issue is probably ‘cleaning’. See, the light should be removable so as to be able to wash the cap — otherwise, you’ll just stink and feel itchy on the head.

Hat with flashlight
Hat with flashlight

Two. The ‘spork’. Spoon and fork in one utensil plus a little knife. This way you wouldn’t need to bring additional stuff but just one. The only question is its durability. The metal looks too thin to really handle tough meat, et cetera.

Finally, the ‘dry sock’. That water-proof pouch, you know. This is especially useful since you could slip and get dirty in the wilderness — the pouch then protects your stuff from getting wet and messy. Now, that’s more like it!

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