In Pictures: Estaca Bay Gardens Resort (Compostela, Cebu)

Formerly known as Stakili — the Estaca Bay Gardens Resort has that appeal to the masses not only ’cause it has a pool and a beach to boot; nor because of its affordable entrance fee but because of its ambiance..

Yeah, it smells here. It smells ‘accommodating’. Hah! After all, the location is not really so deep into Compostela, Cebu. In fact, it’s just along the highway so, it’s very accessible.

Just along the highway at Kilometer 23
Just along the highway at Kilometer 23
entrance 3
Entrance fees are lower on weekdays (P30) but even higher on Saturday nights at P75 for adults
entrance parking
The parking area

Mind you though, this is one resort that emphasizes day and night use as well as different rates for resort entrance. On a weekend or on holidays, the fee is P50 for adults and P20 for kids.

On weekdays though, it’s just P30 for adults but still P20 for kids.

a beach 4 a beach 5

a beach 6

Also, cottage fees here has got a pretty complex structure. I mean, there’s just too many classifications. So, you better ask first and check out which one you’d prefer. Anyway, it ranges from P350 for nipa huts to P800 for cabanas to even P1,500 for open cottages!

Though they got these plastic table sets that’s only P170, so..

big pool 1 big pool 2

Pools also have a different fee. And that’s P100 per head. Wow!

small pool 1

small pool 3

small pool 5

But don’t worry, it’s for both pools.. All the ones there is!

accommodation 3

accommodation 1

accommodation 4

Still, if you want to spend a night or two, you know that there are rooms. Again, it’s quite complicated in structure. Hah!

beach view 2 beach view 3

But as always, it’s just really good to be by the sea..

To Get Here in comfort — just contact +63 943 5247120.


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