Music Review: Closer (The Chainsmokers)

This week’s number 1 song on the Billboards actually jumped 5 spots from last week; and it’s no other than The Chainsmokers’ Closer. Yep, with over 99 million YouTube views and counting, it’s been trending even on this part of the globe.

Let’s see why..

Obviously, a couple of cool things here. Nice drone shots. Romantic summer video. And a beat that’d make you dream.. ‘otherwise’??

Well okay, regardless of ’em lyrics popping up our screens, those aerial shots were great. Just one of those cool aerial takes we see from many of our YouTube travel uploaders. Though not original in nature, this one was somethin’ like a romantic flick; after all, an ‘original’ song comes with it!

See those flipping of pictures??! Signifies memories. While those highway travel shots tells they got a lot of it. Hey, it’s basically just the two of ’em in this video so what do y’all expect!? 0827 closer 2

A ‘porno’ as what the supposed crew said at the video’s end? Naah. Not really. But a relationship based on ‘sensuality’ — which may not last. As of course, we would get older. So, t’is just some passing fantasy.

In the end, it’s not a relationship a ‘real good’ soul would even try.

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