Review: Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale

What if we tell you that there’s a pocket kitchen scale, you’d be curious, right? Perhaps even delighted if you’re a constant in the kitchen. After all, who doesn’t like eating?!

More so, who wouldn’t want all the conveniences when preparing food?? Well, you’re in luck as we bring you Showpin’s Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale.

imageIt’s real handy that it only measures almost 5 square inches, and just about 6.4 ounces. Even lighter than your favorite soda! Wow, this means, you could even bring it to just about anywhere you want to!imageYet understandably so, the scale has its limits.. And that is 500 grams. So, don’t try weighing too heavy items.

Still, what’s nice about this is not only its portability, but it has different scales, too. Thus, you don’t have to worry of measuring only in grams, ’cause it could also measure in ounces, carats and so on. Cool!

imageSome reminders though.

One. Use only the cleaning cloth that’s included in the package; otherwise, use a real fine cloth for cleaning your scale to avoid scratches that could also affect its ‘beauty’.

Two. Don’t forget to remove the plastic cover before using your scale, or else it would not work.

Three. Understand that the scale uses AAA batteries. So, don’t try to use those with dents or something, else it could affect your scale’s performance.

Remember, this is a high quality product. Don’t abuse it.

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