Music Review: Black Beatles (Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane

After spending time at number 9 at Billboard’s Hot 100, we now find ’em replacing The Chainsmokers’ Closer for the top spot through November 26. Wow, what a jump and.. What a feat!

If for any reason it surprised you, better check out the video to find out what made ’em have the biggest gain in streams; the biggest gain in digital sales as well as having gains in performance.

Oh.. Frankly, if only for the music video, we are surprised ourselves. I mean, it’s actually very ordinary, ya’ know. No ‘real’ story but just partying. And yep, the scene shifts are too ordinary and, quite ‘messy’ in fact. Despite the hot babes!

Then again, the ‘beat’ is where Black Beatles pumped it up to the tune of almost 100 million views and counting! Yeah indeed, Rae and Gucci Mane teamed up well.

But hey, is blowing up a TV necessary?? It’s gotten pretty common these days. Hmm…

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