Street Style: From Leather to Simple to Stylish

This week was just one of those times when we had to actually scrape the streets for ‘better’ street styling celebrities.

Yep, one of the few occasions where stars were caught ‘napping’ that only a few of ’em survived..

Bella Hadid in New York City

An all black attire and some leopard jacket with a tightly ‘knit’ hair and a cool shades — and what have you got? A stylish Bella Hadid!

Bella Thorne in LA

Hmm… One of the first things that came to mind was ‘yellow submarine’. Haha! It maybe mostly black though but Bella Thorne’s hat and shades somehow just echoed the song. Cute!

Lady Gaga in NYC

Wow, Lady Gaga has been getting a little more stylish these days, huh?! And her bell bottoms sure did help.

Jennifer Meyer in Los Angeles

May not be the best of the fashion world, but.. Pretty eye-catching with a simple red dress and ’em blue sneakers! That’s Jennifer Meyer for you!

Rebecca Romijn in New York

Just love the cut of Rebecca Romijn’s outfit. While the design and color combination were just strong yet sexy — reminds us of her days as Mystique. Yeah!

From leather boots to leather shorts to leather jacket.. To a simple dress with sneakers to a stylish dress. These are what we bring you..

From LA to New York City. Ciao!

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