2016 Street Style Year Ender

T’is not exactly a collection of the best dressed or somethin’ like that for the year 2016, although these celebs are dressed well, of course..

Instead, it’s just that time of the year when they were the ones caught in our chosen ‘year ender’ outfits; okay, we still got a couple more days to go yet here’s our choices..

Jessica Alba in Beverly Hills

Loose hair. Simple winter outfit. Solid colors. And a great impression by Jessica. Wow!

Lana del Rey also in Beverly Hills

Just one of those instances when you’d think the star was out-fashioned by her friend; but definitely not, Lana’s solid color even highlighted her contours! Hmm…

Lady Gaga in LA

Tights. A band-like top. A signature hat. Cool boots and a matching sunglass. Suddenly, Lady Gaga could get to be a regular in our fashion corner!

Bella Thorne in Studio City

They maybe wearing somethin’ simple but the Thorne sisters certainly looks good in their matching winter hats, glasses, oversized sweaters and pants — hey, t’is what ya’ call from ordinary to stylish!

Mariah Carey in Colorado

Ooops, we’re you surprised with our last photo? Bet you guys were. So yeah, sadly, Mariah is not one of ’em best dressed (just a real bad choice of clothing) but we just had to point these out..

Not because you’re wearing the colors of the times (Christmas), you already look fantastic. Cuts are important. And designs are crucial. Ey, she could have changed her dress!

Sure, accessories and stuff could help but in this case, Mariah’s hat and gloves made things, well, worse.

Till then.. Ciao!

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