Barili. Sikwate. And Growing Old.

T’is actually a town where I spent a lot of my childhood summer vacations. Barili. The creeks we used to have a swim, the hills we used to climb just to watch our favorite TV show at our neighbor’s house, the games we played like ‘siato’, the early no very early mornings when we used to eat puto with sikwate (hot chocolate)..

Puto with sikwate, just about finished

Yeah, a lot of fond memories. And so, I visited the place again.

Shamrock Barili, bus stop over

To Get Here: From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus, normally Ceres with the Barili signboard. Then get off at the town’s center either at the Municipal Hall or at Shamrock which is really just a few meters apart,  so the fare is the same, P72 per head. And from there you could go about to whatever tourist spot you wish to visit — through ‘habal-habal’ or by hiking.

Town Parish Church
Town Park
Town Public Market

Well, remote places like this may take time in its development; but you know what? These are just the kind of places where its nice to retire and grow old..

Retiring with your buddy

And enjoy puto with sikwate every morning.. Till next time!

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