Street Style 2017: January 19 to 22

Perhaps one of the more stylish though not really grandiose (yeah, at least for this week) are this week’s fashionistas. And the batch even got a male show-stopper in a footballer!

For your fashion delight, let’s check ’em out..

Kendall Jenner in Paris

Seemingly just wrapped in a beautiful fur coat is Kendall Jenner. But what makes her even more eye-catching is her wonderfully designed shades, notice?!

Olivia Munn in New York

Olivia has always been a class act in fashion, and this week is no different! Oh, where’s she goin’?

David Beckham in Paris

Well, one of the only few times that we included a male celebrity. And why not, just look at how cool David Beckham is!

Jennifer Garner in Brentwood

Lookin’ loose is Jennifer Garner. Yeah, she maybe a bit wrapped but her fashion aura in this one is so adorable! Schoolgirl-like. Hmm… A big grade 2 pupil? Haha.

Emma Roberts in Los Angeles

And what can you say ’bout Emma?! From head to toe, simply perfect. Yep, just love ’em coat and boots!

If you got style — dare to express! Ciao!

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