Street Style 2017: January 26 to February 1

Ready for another round of street styling? Well, since fashion is more than just a pretty face but a pretty ‘shirt’ (or what have you), do check us out.

Here now are our Chinese New Year beauties, oh hehe.


Obviously, the most noticeable here is Gigi’s olive coat.. Don’t you just love it?!


With everything else black, Elle’s cool boots stood out even more. Wow!


The only star in a dress that’s featured among this week’s fashionistas — Karlie Kloss! And why not, just look how gorgeous she is in jade?!


Lucy’s top combination somehow did the trick for her — it just blended well with her jeans! Don’t quite like her shoes though.


Ey, great shot! Must be the snow, eh? But more than Gigi’s sweater, her shirt is just beautiful. Oh, this must be the Gigi Hadid fashion show!

If you got style — CLICK HERE — And dare to express!

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