Instagram: ‘Live’ Fashion Shots 10

Hmm… Last time we had our ‘live’ fashion shots was around Valentine’s day, well, we’re now just into March and yeah — Fashion just never stops. Sooo, here we go again, yey!

Notice? While there may be supposedly ‘new arrivals’, the cuts, the pleats, the designs, well, they just keep evolving — or simply moving — like, either the fabric’s getting shorter (or longer), or the style’s just having a revival.






Here, nothing’s really new to floral except that the colors are more vibrant and stuff. And if not worn, jackets or sweaters are either tied above the shoulders or on the waistline. Yep, just like yeeears ago!

Still and among others, there’s just so many things to print, see?? And so, street styling has simply become a never-ending way of life. As they say, just do it!

Till then.. Ciao!

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