Coronavirus: Surviving Lack amidst COVID-19

Lack, what lack? Ventilators? PPEs? Face masks? No. These are obvious pandemic necessities that’s being toilfully addressed by governments. Despite the lack of coordination.

Then what lack?

Financial aid. At least for people who have not received such assistance yet. Those who lost their jobs or who are unemployed. Those who are worrying where to get their next meal.

If you do not belong to the hungry, then this article is not for you; unless you got conscience or you want to be a leader. A real one who is not concerned about publicity or whatever gains – but about his fellow man. One who knows that this is not the time to pressure those who are struggling, or to aggressively ask them to pay for whatever they owe you. One who understands that we all need to eat to survive. One who comprehends that those who are struggling are just victims of circumstances – and so he shows sympathy and helps in whatever way he can.

How to survive lack amidst COVID-19

If you are poor to begin with, then financial aids at this time is already a blessing. What with governments or entities neglecting your needs and blaming your lack of education, no family planning or “poor-man’s” mentality all this time – when, in fact, they benefit from you.

You would only know what it is to be hungry when you experience hunger yourself. That’s how you become empathetic.

Though it has basis, government focus should be on uplifting the poor through livelihoods and giving opportunities – not blaming, which may only apply once you were given legitimate opportunities. Same goes with the rich or those with no real money problems. Help. Don’t you even feel guilty that while you eat the best food, someone’s stomach is rumbling in hunger?

And it’s not just in places you know.

If you are simply a victim of circumstances, then financial aids are certainly a relief from the pressures of life. Especially if you are unfortunate to be surrounded by insensitive people while waiting for your financial assistance. And so, here are some things you can do…

  • Use your savings. This is very evident. But as we know, if you do not have work, then your savings could dwindle to the last penny.
  • Stretch your budget. It’s a lockdown. If you are living on limited resources, then cutting your expenses on non-essentials or any kind of indulgence is crucial. Even on food. Trying to live on pre-lockdown conditions is indulgence.
  • Check out on those who owe you or those who could give you a hand. After all, not everyone in these extreme circumstances are cash-strapped. So first, try collecting from those who owe you, if they are struggling as well, then try approaching a relative or borrowing from a friend. If they are in a similar situation, then…
  • Generate cash. For one, you could sell things you do not need or that are hardly used. Another one could be offering your services where ‘social distancing’ is applicable.
  • Get online gigs. Other than many remote jobs available only for residents of their countries (*existent even before lockdowns), another problem with so-called and more common online opportunities is that the internet or social media is just proliferated with scammers. So be careful and have patience as this is going to take time in sifting; that hopefully, you still have something to eat while still searching. Meanwhile, those who would be ‘lucky’ enough to land a gig could still fall victim to very low payouts, else, ridiculous procedures. Thus, check out various sources.
  • Learn to survive on bare minimum. Let’s face it, times are dire. Thence, be prepared to even eat as little as one small piece of bread a meal if necessary. Forget pride and get out of the victim mentality. Such drastic change in lifestyle does not take away your dignity, it only amplifies your strength, resilience and resourcefulness. This is something you would not get from school or work experiences. And it is these kinds of difficult experiences that translates into wisdom that would put you above the rest – especially if you are a smart and conscientious leader.

As the saying goes, what does not kill you will only make you stronger.