Coronavirus: Cash Aid and those Left Out by the Government

Four months into the pandemic, the world economy has now taken its toll with companies streamlining and millions losing their jobs as they file for unemployment benefits. And guess who are the hardest hit?

Well, that’s an obvious question. For more than those filing for unemployment claims, there are those who were never formally employed to begin with. And so, the question should be, “Have those who really needs assistance received their cash aid?”

Governments especially in developing countries have tons of such people. Underprivileged and informal workers. Unfortunately, with all the publicized money for financial aid, not everyone who needs assistance gets assisted.

Those Left Out by the Government

Have governments really been ‘selective’ in assisting the deprived? That’s what most everybody thinks except those who are disbursing the funds themselves. And yes, those in the food chain per se.

While some countries cites update issues on their databases as the reason for missing out on many who needs help, some governments are simply illogical and insensitive in their guidelines for cash aid eligibility.

Cash Aid: Having a child is key to receiving government support.

As in, although these government agencies lists down qualifying factors, this act is actually just for the sake of posting them for the public to see as there are sub-factors that would likely disqualify eight out of 10 claimants.

Imagine. You are an informal worker. You earn a living by peddling various household products. Your income varies and most of the time, just depends on luck. Then COVID-19 strikes and stops you from doing your thing. You basically do not have savings to rely on as your means of livelihood is unstable. Then comes an announcement by the government. They would be doling out financial assistance to informal workers and everyone else who falls under their criteria.

This then gives you a sigh of relief with bills starting to mount. And so, you go to the agency in charge and file for a claim. But to your surprise, you are not qualified.


Because those in charge says you are single or alone in life. This aid is only for those with kids. It does not matter if your means of income has been stalled, or if you do not have anything to eat anymore. Worse, even if your inconsiderate landlord is trying to evict you. You are ineligible. Just go to court with the landlord if you wish as especially without a contract, you could win. But the agency, it would just stand by with their said guidelines. In short, the government by and large is only after feeding families or those with kids, whether a solo parent or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The Dark Side: If you know someone, you would probably be eligible for cash aid, regardless.

And this happens to many claimants. From the self-employed to public transport drivers to house helpers to those who even earn below the minimum wage. If you do not have a child or a family, you are disqualified. Even if you are among the homeless.

Just unbelievable! This is like punishing you for practicing safe sex. For understanding the need to establish oneself first before having children. No wonder why many are out of school, pandemic or not. It’s like governments like these are just after voters as they would only support you if you are not alone.

So, where has the rest of the money gone?