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Consumer Video: AGT, Reality Show gone Wrong?

Do you like reality shows? Well, what’s nice about it is that you see things as it happens — no editing. Then again, though it’s fun seeing contestants do their stuff as how they have planned them — it could also get pretty scary if things go wrong.

Yes, just like what happened in the quarterfinal stunt of Ryan Stock and AmberLynn in America’s Got Talent with the misfiring of the flaming arrow. Let’s watch this..

First, me thinks Ryan wasn’t hit in the neck but somewhere near the collar bone. But since it was a flaming arrow, the actual spot couldn’t really be determined. Ryan could even say he got hit in his Adam’s apple and people would just believe.

Now the point here is more than about where Ryan got hit — but don’t you think dangerous stunts should be prohibited? At least on TV, you know, as it could influence viewers even more. See, people nowadays are getting moooore reckless that they’d try just about anything for fun, or prove that they are somethin’.

The flame just makes it appear 'in the neck'
The flame just makes the ‘hit’ appear ‘in the neck’

This could be bad for kids, especially.

And t’is not about hindering creativity. Nor planting fear in their hearts. It’s about teaching them and everyone else to appreciate life without being ‘stupidly’ adventurous. Seriously. Equipment malfunction is one thing; years later, it could be something like — ‘The Purge’?? Hey, just look at the shooting in Dallas — and in many other places worldwide!

1 November 2015: Malls Closed (Cebu City)

Yes it’s November 1, a holiday and at the same time — a Sunday. But wait, malls are closed. Really.

Went around Ayala Center Cebu as well as SM City in Cebu but found these..



Is it good? I mean, while we try to remember our dead, is closing malls the ideal thing to do? Really?

Now, how about tourists or even local visitors? This would affect their impression for one. Not so good for tourism. As most anyone, they expected the mall to open according to schedule, 10am.. So, they could be waiting for hours if ever.

Okay, every place has their own custom and practices that we should respect, but at least, the malls’ administration could have placed a notice (even at the entrance) beforehand. And that’s even coming from the mouths of the locals.


Makes sense?

If closing malls is the ideal thing to do on the 1st of November, then how about ‘closing beaches’? Yeah. Really.

See, beaches are far more engaging that one could almost forget anything — even the supposedly spiritual Good Friday.

Hmm… Finally! The mall opened just after 12 noon. Still, it’s time to set our priorities straight.

Product Review: Lenovo G480 laptop

After just 6 months of use, the Lenovo G480 already showed signs of age. Yes, just 6 months since it was purchased.

What happened?

Well, the screen just doesn’t light up or display anything. Can’t be because of the OS, as it’s good after fixing it ourselves. Nor because of any preexisting factory defect, as it was tested beforehand besides it’s only after 6 months that a malfunction has occurred..
image, it must be G480’s ventilation system rather than the whole motherboard itself – as you could already feel the heat when you stick your palm near the keyboard.

Perhaps Lenovo should try to improve the unit’s battery life as an empty batt could be a contributor to its weak ventilation. Still, the more telling inconvenience is the fact that warranty repairs could take 3 weeks since the place where it was bought has no service center.

Hmm… this is one thing manufacturers need to address as well. They shouldn’t just get sales partners, instead, they should have technical agreements with these distributors so they are able to fix the laptops themselves.

The key here is not only to make sure of their training but to provide them with enough spare parts in case of replacements. A good monitoring system would help Lenovo.

As for the other tangibles, well, while the laptop is affordable at less than $500 a unit, it’s a bit thick and quite heavy..

Do we still need a new model to address these concerns?

Cignal Cable TV complaint: Olympus Has Fallen

Last night (April 6), while watching Olympus Has Fallen (starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman), Cignal Cable TV suddenly replaced the movie with another one in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”

The film’s airing was actually scheduled from 9pm to 11:15pm at Star Movies on channel 73, and at that time already in its climax when the film was inadvertantly cut at around 11pm.


Incidentally, a number of friends also texted and called me to air their disgust as well as they were also intently watching the said film.

Hmm… obviously, what we can do here is to voice out our disappointment in connection with the sudden interference and change in programming – to make Cignal focus on its job and be more sensitive to its subscribers.


As we have observed, Cignal was just populated with so many advertisements that the movie itself lost its airing time.

So, has anyone of you experienced the same thing one time or another?

App Review: Magic Sleep

This application is not a newbie but has actually been around for a while, and we’re talking about no other than – Magic Sleep. And since it’s very useful, by all means, we got to feature it in our site, right?

Hmm… MagicSleep is an app that could actually put you to sleep. Oh, yes, even though our video is not in English – we just plucked it out simply as a demo on how to use the app. As you can see, very simple really.

Anyway, as per its Google Play description, Magic Sleep recreates the sounds inside the womb using the most advanced psychoacoustic sound sources, convolution reverb processing, and digital signal processing. To which the effect is… yes, you really fall asleep.


Obviously, since it’s based on the “sounds of the womb”, the app was first designed for babies and toddlers but soon found out that it could also be effective for adults. Well, that’s nice! Especially for those with insomnia.

Nonetheless, though the app is effective in itself, questions arise.

Radiation. The phone is beside you when you sleep, clearly, you would be exposed to radiation which is not good for your health either. What, insomnia or radiation? Thus, better have the CD format instead.

Battery. Using MagicSleep would definitely use up a lot of your phone’s battery. Think it could withstand daily use? Again, better a CD.

CD. Now, if you buy the CD, what would happen? Wouldn’t it still be the same? Like, the CD would be on the whole time you or your baby sleeps, right? If you are ready to pay the bill, just make sure your player and “wirings” are good.

Lastly, the free version which is Magic Sleep Lite is not working. And issues about having to repurchase the full version after having problems with the OS and the reinstallation of other applications should be cleared. It would be a waste if Mango Media doesn’t attend to these.

Airline Review: TigerAir

After learning that Singapore budget airline TigerAir sold it’s 40% stake with the losing TigerAir Philippines to Cebu Pacific, I recalled my experience with the said airline sometime last year 2013.

tigerair-planes-sit-onFrom the moment you try to secure a plane ticket, it was not so good.

First, they only got limited flight routes and schedules. And it’s either too early or too late, or you need to take connecting flights to reach your final destination. In short, not so business or customer friendly. Oh, perhaps they could not afford to expand it – management inefficiency. Okay.

Second, after making a reservation online, your next move is to pick up your ticket on flight day, right? Well, you’d be surprised then. Why? Because you would still have to pay for the printout of “your flight confirmation.” Wow, it’s like being robbed! Geez, I thought everything has been taken cared of?!wpid-tigerair1_Edited.JPG

Third, upon boarding the plane, it’s like you’re in a military plane. Imagine the ambiance inside. Probably because of the combination of tight seating spaces, lighting.. yes, lighting.. and the attendants uniforms. Not to mention, the attendants were less accommodating.

Well, these were probably signs that the airline was indeed losing money – in effect, low morale. Such a pity.

Since then, I never booked with that airline again.

Hmm… hopefully, with the Cebu Pacific deal, things would improve.

TV Review: BTV (Basketball TV)

BTVWhile it’s good that there’s sort of a dedicated channel for those who love basketball.. like Basketball TV. BTV, as how viewers know it, actually has some shortcomings to fix.

One. Not all on their NBA scheduled games are aired. This would not be good especially for the network’s thinking viewers as they would just seek alternatives then, at the very least.

Two. When there’s a “live” game being shown, there would be a sudden “KFC Ad” that disturbs on-going games.. and it’s not even a time-out or a long deadball situation.

Three. BTV often repeats or replays the airing of many of their programs.. like “Inside the NBA”, “Inside Stuff”, and even some “long-played” NBA games — not just once but til you get tired.

Four. There are times when their 1-week or 10-day airing schedule involves just one particular team. Sure that team may have scheduled games, but to only air them (almost everyday) instead of another game becomes boring. Of course, there’s no favoritism but this only sort of shows BTV’s inability to negotiate the games they could air.

Okay, they got a good side too, especially their “Hardwood Classics” and of course – some of their programs. Other than that, wake up!

VIDEO: Who stole my cookie?

What would you do if you found out that something was lacking in what you bought? Even if cheap.. would you return it or what?

Okay, it’s just a cookie. And it may even sound boring to some. But it’s interesting that HI-RO has “missed” on its packaging not just in one pack but in two snack packs. And more so, not just for the first time…

If you just let it go – especially if most everyone who experienced the same just lets it go – what would happen? HI-RO would just get used to such while we get cheated and they get richer.

Without a question, customers deserve fairness.

Surfing with SUN Cellular…

Yesterday 8:19am, I was notified that I successfully loaded FB50 valid for 7 days by SUN Cellular Mobile Internet; and was texted to just visit

It’s been 30h since and I have not been able to access what I paid for. Instead, what happens is that.. after typing, SUN directs me to its web page – SUN Wap. Try it again, it just goes circles.

Worse, FB Zero as well as Twitter Mobile has also been inaccessible.

I noticed that these things happened when i100 was loaded several days ago, which incidentally gave some problems as well. I could not use SUN’s mobile internet on its first and last days of subscription. Oh boy!

For one, I think SUN Cellular’s system got mixed up and could not handle different purchases (though on different occasions) by a single user.


Now, SUN’s sim card is practically useless (except for its free texts that accompanied the i100 & FB50 loads).. well, maybe until i100 is loaded again.

Oh, what the heck?!

Consumer Photos 41

Interesting policies from the Top 2 fastfood chains in the country. Anyway, what would you prefer?

McDonald's BQ branch
McDonald’s BQ branch

A 3-hour lunch break on free WI-FI usage at McDonald’s (at least for its BQ branch, a ploy to seat more customers to their store), or…

Inside of Jollibee Marcela branch
Inside of Jollibee Marcela branch

No break on free WI-FI but customers would have to pay for use of electrical outlets..? This is true for their Alturas branch as well. But for this photo, notice that lamp “shell”? Well… that’s just one of those outlets.

Obviously, both are revenue generating policies; however, the latter’s regulation just “seems uncaring.”