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The Preferred Margarine IS…

There was a time when there was only one margarine in the country, well, as far as I know and could remember at least. And guess what brand it was?

Star Margarine.

Well, of course, we’re not really trying to promote the brand but how could you really talk of something when you can’t even mention the name? After all, we didn’t say it’s the preferred brand, right? Obviously, there’s just a handful of choices to pick from now. So..


As Wiki also says, “Margarine can be used for spreading, baking and cooking. And like butter, it consists of a water-in-fat emulsion, with tiny droplets of water dispersed uniformly throughout a fat phase in a stable crystalline form. In some jurisdictions margarine must have a minimum fat content of 80% to be labelled as such, the same as butter.”

But what about nutrition? In ‘foods’ like this, it’s all about the saturated fat and trans fat content. The lower they are, the better. Mind you though, traditional margarine accounts for around 80% fat, so be careful. Read the label. And go slow.


Okay not only because of increased competition but also due to practicality, some brands have gone into packing in sachets. Hehe guess it really ain’t that practical, huh? But come to think of it, this kinda packing could be healthier especially if the brand got a higher fat content.

In the end, we buy food even spreads for that matter — for taste! With price and health (surprisingly overlooked) a close second and third. Ahh, really?? So what’s the preferred choice? The finalists are in the middle of the photo..

And it’s brand name has the clue.

#Living To Live Without Plastic

Is it actually possible to live without plastic? For one, many of our daily necessities involve plastic. And we do not only use them but reuse them, so it’s pretty cost efficient, too. Thus, how could one live without plastic? Except for lifestyle, or health reasons maybe..

Well, you heard it. A reaffirmation on the dangers of plastic. That’s why didn’t you notice even when you go out for a walk? There are these trash cans, different ones — from biodegradables to non-biodegradables. And where do plastics fall? The non-bio, of course.

So plastics is not good, at least for the environment that it pollutes and obviously, for us too as toxic chemicals found in them gradually enters the food chain — causing various health problems. Yet again, plastics has become an integral part of our lives; and the only thing we could do to eliminate if not lessen its impact is to slowly phase them out of our lives..

How? From disposing the plastic products that we use to avoiding if not minimizing purchases that has plastic with it; to making your own organic products to sharing your conviction about it. Wow! Was that pretty long and dizzying?!

Anyway, do you think it is possible for us to eventually live without plastic? Some products may even have no alternatives right now..

Besides, there are still benefits to it. As mentioned earlier, it’s cost efficient if we are to reuse them. Still, the focus should not be just about reusing but not letting it enter the food chain. So does proper disposal have way then? Recycling is key to most plastics while a ‘paradigm shift’ is needed for a healthier us. Let’s go organic!

The Issue of Copyrighted Music at YouTube

Wouldn’t hearing an artist’s song played in various YouTube videos be enough to promote his song to fans that he or his agent still needs to have ‘copyright claims’ for monetization on a content creator?

Really. Doesn’t it sound a bit ‘greedy’ (excuse me for the word)?

Of course, it’s their right and also protection against unscrupulous entities, but if their song is gonna be used by new content creators or those who are still under a thousand subscriber base — don’t you think it’s being inconsiderate? After all, they already had their share of success and a ‘huge’ one at that, so why not ‘give back’ in return?!

Okay, it’s business. Once you taste its sweetness, you want more.

Still, hearing a particular artist’s song played in a video only builds audience and most likely subscribers or buyers of his single — so why grab the pie that’s going to the mouth of a newbie? How about letting go of the ‘ads’ in videos of all under one thousand subscriber base creators? Got the point?

And once they hit a thousand, only then would the succeeding songs these YouTubers would use — if copyrighted — should be claimed for monetization by the artists. Agree? That’s more ‘humane’. Hah!

Well, time to give ‘capitalism’ a good side.

Consumer Experience: The Road-weary Massage

Just had a Thai body massage at Baan Khun Thai, the ‘house of traditional massage’ as they’ve been promoting it.

The Lobby

Okay, let’s then go through the experience that’s especially useful whether for first-timers or not as to know what to expect in this place..

Waiting Area
Foot Wash

As you enter, you’d be asked the kind of massage you wish (of course, along with informing you of their prices) and then directing you to the waiting area where you’d be given a ‘foot wash’ for starters..


Afterwards, onto the hallway you go and to the ‘room’ for your ‘traditional massage’..


And there, you get the pampering you deserve. Well, the place may not have the scents some of you may be used to, or even the ‘perfect’ setup you wish for; but it does have the ‘tranquility’ and the helpfulness of the masseuse which is just enough to ease those body aches you’ve been carrying for awhile.

More so, you get a bonus, Baan Khun Thai is not only along the road — which is great for the road-weary — but they even offer discounts if you drop by between 12 noon to 5pm.

Not bad. Water or tea?

Consumer Watch: Starbucks Manager and Anger Management

Many of you may have already seen our featured video as it’s been trending recently; in fact, over 3M YouTube views already. Well, we’re talking of no other than Starbucks Manager with Anger Management Issue..

Yup, the terrible experience Ruby Chen had with Starbucks Elmhurst Store Manager Melissa last May 12 of this year. Let’s check this one out..

Whoa, how loud can you get?!!?

Whatever the issue maybe, even if it’s the customer’s fault, a store manager at that should not just yell at customers – unless the customer is some sort of terrorist, perhaps threatening other customers, or just simply destroying company property.

But then, Ruby’s issue was just a simple case of not hearing Melissa’s staff asking her name to put on her cup – as she was preoccupied opening her reward app that she’d use to pay for her order..

Yet just like that, Melissa started shouting at her in a bad way. Later, even accusing Ruby of ‘stealing’ the straw – Wow!

Hmm… It’s been 3 weeks now, Starbucks must have fired Melissa already. Still, what’s happening to Starbucks? Issues have just been popping like mushrooms. They better do some workshops, and probably review their setup as well.

Halloween 2014: Philippines

Halloween in this part of the world is still in its infancy, well, I’m talking about costume parades and celebrations..

Although people are aware of such, it’s never really been a tradition until recent years.

Looks like tentacles..

Now exactly what is this??

And so, let’s just take a look at what the Filipinos have in mind during these times..

Are those bloodied babies??

The dog looks ok but the owner should've put some make up..

Hmm… Okay, some may need improvements but with a good budget, expect better costumes in the future..

A stabbed kid.. But what about the facial covering??

Uniquely common state of mind in the country..

Just bear in mind though that being original though quite simple is better than looking great but just being a copycat.

Nice illusion..

It’s just the start, so don’t try too hard.

Simple Experiences: Kitchen 1B (Legaspi Village)

Located at the Ground Floor of KL Tower at Gamboa Street in Legaspi Village, Kitchen 1B is fast becoming a favorite among diners..

kitchen1bAnd why not, with its classy European, American and Filipino food – it sure is at par even with those served in hotels. Not to mention they also got “healthy food” specialties.

Well, the problem is.. the food are just too expensive for a restaurant, it’s like you’re eating in a hotel or even more. Besides, the location and structure is not really that great except that it is situated with the other said tall buildings in Makati.

Then again, more than food and their, yes, good dining set up – what brought Kitchen 1B to my attention is their restroom.

The restroom...
The restroom…

Yes, their comfort room that is. Not even hotels have such a make up – it’s just like another room! The carpeting, the lighting, those chairs, trolley… well, just look!

Anyway, the food is not bad and the ambiance is good, so it’s worth the try if you have the money for it.