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The Collapse of Ayala Center Cebu Cinema 5

It’s been over a week now since the collapse of Ayala Center Cebu Cinema 5 but its traumatic experience last June 15 still lingers especially among the Cebuanos. As reported, among the 350 who attended the launching and team building event by Dreamscape Networks – at least 6 got hurt in the incident where 1 was brought to the hospital and another treated for hyperventilation when the ceiling overflowing with water collapsed..

Oh my, it must have really been scary, huh? Yes, even for those outside the theatre who heard the news might have even thanked all the saints for saving them from the accident.

What happened then? The cinema, in fact, was said to be the newest among the Ayala cinemas as it opened just last December 2013. So?

Well, just looking at the video alone, we could only speculate. Could there have been some roof cracks that when it rained hard the water leaked to the ceiling? Or were there cracks in the pipes? Or maybe some air-conditioning problems perhaps? What?!? Well, we got to turn all stones you know.

But the bottomline is still.. Obviously, the cinema was poorly constructed. Otherwise, maintenance was just not in sync – ’cause how could such a thing happen? Should we now worry that other Ayala cinemas or even those within Cebu could be poorly constructed as well? How about the malls itself, don’t you think the Ayala administration should also start checking their structures?

Careful people. Even “popular” malls no longer seem safe.

Maybe it’s time for the city government to review those permits and penalize those responsible for its issuance and all.. hmm… Should you start by looking at the mirror? Oh well..

Innovation Watch: Rice & Road Technology

Technology is not just limited to the technology many refers to – gadgets, computers, tablets, wearables, smartphones, and all those other “smart” things we hear and know about.

In this feature, we will see a different kind of technology; something that would really be helpful to man – the basics..

Wow, that’s something! Rice planting made easy! Asians being the most populous in the world would surely benefit from this tech.

Hmm… interesting how railways and roads are now built – just like house panels! Remember Lego?! Cool stuff!

Innovation Watch: Intel’s RealSense Technology

If you recall Iron Man, who wouldn’t, you’d notice a striking similarity in its technology and our feature today – RealSense Technology by Intel.

Really. See the video..

It’s hologram!  This means, it recognizes hand gestures allowing users to navigate the computer without really touching it. RealSense enables PC sensors to see objects in 3D; and as Intel says, soon this would be a fixture in laptops and tablets.

Hmm… Cool!

More so, on the gaming side, you could now have that real game experience – like, you could actually put yourself inside of games.

Just wished we could also have that real “anything” experience. Like, how about getting “full” without physically eating?! Hahh!! Know what I mean?

Innovation Watch: Elliptic Labs’ Multi Layer Interaction Technology

Are you ready for the next-generation mobile gesture control? That’s right, swiping on your smartphones and tablets would inevitably be a thing of the past – what with “gesture recognition”!

As we can see, there would be no need for us to really touch our screens anymore, thanks to Elliptic Labs’ Multi Layer Interaction Technology. From navigating maps to watching videos to playing games – to even turning on/off your smartphone’s power control – everything becomes easier with just a wave of your fingers.

Simply hot stuff, eh?!!

Just wondering how are we gonna control our texting now? Ooops!

Tim Cook and Apple TV

Apple TV has already upgraded its version to 7.0 ..and here’s what head honcho Tim Cook has to say about their kind of TV..

Hmm.. for consumers, there’s a couple of things to note here on what Cook said.

One. TV is stuck in the 70s as interface is simply terrible. Two. Apple has added more content so one has more things to do.

Guess what, TV nowadays as we can see is becoming like a giant computer – at least for tech companies that is.

Apple’s version 7.0 provides that photo uploading feature in iCloud and utilizes Beat Music for every fan to enjoy.

Then again, if technology is just concerned about what application it could add (of course) – then it’s no longer a real TV but a hybrid computer. Don’t you think so?

The controls...

Oh, it has movies? Music videos and things like that? Well, that’s what computers are noted for in the entertainment side of things. Not to mention the games.

TV is about the regular programs it airs. See, no matter how technologically advanced your TV is.. If programs take the backseat then your TV is no TV.

And it’s not about being stuck in the past. Want a good TV? Talk to your local TV stations. Really.

Ebola, Air Travel and Plague

With the cure for Ebola still murky and a couple of “missionaries” as in those trying to lend their medical expertise in Africa contracting the disease and.. forced to go home – many have naturally feared the possibility that the virus could actually infect beyond borders.

Yeah.. Through air travel that is. After all, passengers including the patient breathes the same air in a plane.

Yet according to studies, although we maybe wary of infection, the probability is in fact very low. For one, aside from the fact that air is filtered, it takes 21 days for the virus to incubate. This means, the patient has long gone home in isolation before he could really infect others.

Oh, really? That’s a relief.

Well, Ebola doesn’t really infect through air; but is spread through saliva, vomit or blood penetrating orifices like the nose, mouth or wounds. So if you got family trying to clean some infected mess, he could be in danger. Reminds us of the game Plague where you are to try to wipe out humanity.

Hey, Ebola is no joke. And it’s certainly not a game, but this time, we are facing a reality that humanity could indeed be threatened if we don’t take the necessary steps. Not just quarantine and “spread control” but finding that ultimate cure.

Plague gave us an idea that the worse could happen to mankind. Then again with urgent and concerted effort, we will overcome.

Innovation Watch: Hot Seat

A teen from New Mexico recently came up with an alarm that alerts the guardian if there was a child left inside the car. And she calls it the Hot Seat.

Alissa Chavez says her mom manages a home daycare.. well, that probably led her to the invention, right?


Hot seat works by placing the pad under the child’s seat while attaching the fob to the guardian’s key chain.

If the guardian walks more than 10 meters away without the child, the device will trigger an alarm on: the fob, the smartphone via an app, and the car itself.

This means, even if the guardian doesn’t have the key fob or smartphone, the people around could still be alerted of the situation according to Chavez herself.


Hey, that’s good.

According to advocacy group Kids and Cars, every year an average of 38 children die in the United States due to heat stroke when children are left inside hot cars.

One of the questions here would just be.. While babies wear diapers, what if the device gets wet with spills from say the bottled milk – would it still work?


Hot Seat should be made waterproof and shockproof as well. In short, make it ready for any eventualities.

Currently, Chavez is trying to raise money to build a prototype that manufacturers could use for mass production.

Wanna help?