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By providing me…

By providing memorable social media customer service, companies not only create deeper connections with consumers, but they glean valuable insights on how to improve their products or services. – Amy Jo Martin


As we see, technology has made the world smaller. Then why not take advantage of this great opportunity and connect with people – regardless of background or interests?

As previously said, we are all consumers… so? The least yet most important thing that could happen to entrepreneurs and companies is learning how to “sincerely” communicate with customers.

Developing this “trait”, this empathy, is the key to improving products and services…

…and that would certainly be a good start for this New Year.

Great entrepren…

Great entrepreneurs are often great listeners and they can spot patterns and pick up on small details in customer stories. – Alexander Osterwalder

True. That’s what entrepreneurs and leaders are – Opportunity Makers. And that’s why these individuals are into social media especially Facebook and Twitter.

So obviously.. if a “great” entrepreneur, an ambitious beginner, or even a struggling one has noticed our site then he would try to get in touch or at least Like and Follow Us.. as many do. See? We have been sharing experiences all along!

While each one of us are consumers, some of us could be or are entrepreneurs one way or another.. Just continue your journey.

The great socie…

The great society is a place where men are more concerned with the quality of their goods than the quantity of their goods. – Lyndon Baines Johnson

Well, this was during President Lyndon Johnson’s time (at least part of the quote that you saw in our featured image that is).. and at least until before a huge variety of “cheaper goods” flocked the scene.

While we want quality.. we want a bargain even more.

So, if manufacturers could make affordable, quality goods then they’d absolutely get the consumers’ nod. After all, not many are as moneyed.

To give money t…

To give money to a woman – and here I must speak as a man – is to deny her special quality, her irreplaceability, and reduce her unique amiability to a commodity. Money takes away her name, while transforming her lover into a nameless customer of a market of appetites. – James Buchan

Many could be upset with this quote of James Buchan; but then, as a more “matured” individual, come to think of it.. It makes sense, right?

Money should not dictate a relationship but love.

Of course, unless the couple is attached by marriage or commitment, only then should money come into fore.. after all, you need to feed your family and meet their other needs.

It does seem to…

It does seem to be true that the more you get the more you spend. It is rather like being on a golden treadmill. – Charles Allsop

Hmm… indeed. This is called “insatiability.”

It’s simply human nature to keep wanting more, so, an increase in income doesn’t necessarily mean an astounding increase in savings – well, unless one is disciplined.

Nevertheless, given that you’ll save or spend more with an increase in revenues, shouldn’t you also help more especially those in need?

That’s a conscientious consumer.

You want to mak…

You want to make sure this particular car is going to please the customer and then you’re going to be rewarded with something that is going to please the shareholder. – Carlos Ghosn

Well, that is why the “Customer is King.”

Please the customer and you would have successfully promoted your brand, enriched your coffers, and launched your career to orbit.

I’ve been a cus…

I’ve been a customer of the top venture capital firms, so I know exactly what they do and don’t do. – Marc Andreessen

So you see, most customers do know what they are getting into. They know what to expect. Yes, some maybe unreasonable but then they know what is … and what is not.

Nonetheless, the real essence of customer service lies in sincerely serving those who does not “exactly” know what they are looking for – these are those who just purchases according to what they have overheard.

Lest mind you, sincerity means you inform to educate “of all alternatives” and not to sell your product as a priority. The customers’ choice is their choice according to their real needs.