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Review: Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a printer on the go? Of course, a portable one. Like the size of a smartphone. Something that could give you those instant photo printouts wherever. Yeah?

Well, then this could be the gadget you’re looking for, the.. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer.

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The device measures 2.9 x 4.7 x 0.9 inches, and weighs just 6.6 ounces or 186 grams. It has a battery of 500 mAh that fully charges in 1.5 hours — and that is only after printing 25 sheets of 2 x 3 inch pictures.

What’s cool about this though is that it works without need for ink. How? Through ZINK Zero Paper — such uses a special kind of paper that prints even smudge-free.


All you need is to activate your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth (or through NFC) and pair it with your Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer — and you got your memories in hard copy!

Yes, this Amazon Best Seller comes with the Polaroid ZIP app to complete that digital age experience.. All for only $113.98!


Still, being portable, it has it’s limitations — from editing issues with the App to kinda reddish printouts. Not to mention your photo being cropped if you happen to edit it to fit the screen.

With these, you could possibly waste a couple of sheets trying to print the ‘perfect’ shot. Hey, 20 sheets costs $10 so try learning to adjust things from the App before actually printing.

Give some allowance for mistakes though. Haha!

Review: TP-Link Smart Plug (Controls Your Devices from Anywhere)

For only $29.99 you can have Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Home Automation Modules — the TP-Link Smart Plug! Yep, this controls your devices from just about anywhere. That’s right, anywhere!

With that alone, it should give us an idea of how such could happen. Well, Smartphone. Kasa app. Internet. All rolled into one, of course, and you now have an automated home.

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Lower Energy Bills. Since you could then schedule the power of appliances and electronics at home, turning ’em on and off as needed, this would help you save money. Obviously.

Safety. We are aware that there could be ‘things’ that are heat sensitive, or could easily burn especially if left unattended — now, with TP-Link Smart Plug, this doesn’t only lower your energy bills but keeps your home from potential fire hazards, even if you’re away from home.

Security. How would potential burglars react if they would notice someone’s home? Many would actually shy away, right? They’d likely wait for you to leave or have some vacation before attacking, again. Right. But what if you could make your house appear as if you never left, as if someone’s in there? Then that would frustrate the burglars. Definitely. And perhaps, they would look for another target instead. Result. House secured. Yes, even if you’re miles away.

Click the Image to check out Amazon Echo
Click the Image to check out Amazon Echo

Hmm… And if these are not enough, Smart Plug also has this thing called ‘voice control’ where instead of tapping your smartphone, you could use ‘voice command’ — through Amazon Echo using the Alexa Voice Service. T’is sold separately tho. Haha!


One. Though chances are low, what would happen if there’s an app breakdown, you know bugs? Yeah, especially if you’re miles away from home, there should be an online fix; otherwise, imagine what could happen while you’re gone?!

TP-Link Smart Plug

Two. Just in case, would a reset or a reinstallation of the app require a resetting of the appliances and electronics at home? Certainly, we want less of those hassles.

Three. And how equipped is Smart Plug on sudden power interruptions or accidental unplugging? Clearly, there should be some temporary form of continuance (like the UPS) on its design.

In all, and in an ideal world, TP-Link Smart Plug is indeed a good buy.

Review: Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter

With stress becoming more pronounced, travel has become even more of an outlet. And yes, obviously, nothing beats re-energizing as in being in a different place. The adventure just about fixes everything. Our body. Our mind. Our mood. Our perspective in life.

T’is more than just the beaches, or the mountains; but really about the mem’ries. And so, what a better way to store ’em than having a cool camera? A quadcopter camera!

The Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro HD Camera RC Quadcopter!

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Know what? This quadcopter camera is actually the number 1 Best Seller in Hobby RC Quadcopter & Multirotors at Amazon! So, it’ll be good that we check ’em out.

Main Features: 6-axis Gyro stabilization system makes the copter more stable and flexible when flying. It’s wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors. Equipped with HD Camera Left / Right hand throttle mode can be changeable by the transmitter (2 in 1). CLICK HERE for more details.

By the way, its battery fully charges in about 100 minutes with a flying time of around 7 minutes. And this X5C Camera Drone uses spread spectrum technology for further remote distance and anti-interference ability with its 2.4GHz Remote Control.

X5C Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches. Weight 1.2 pounds

Hmm… Said to be the ultimate drone for beginners, the X5C as we now know can be used indoors or outdoors — perform flips, take video, or snap photos with the push of a button. Oh, it would be a good thing though to attach a ‘bluetooth finder’ on your drone in case it drops — you can never tell, you know, for any drone that is.

In all, while the video may not be ‘cinema’ quality — t’is certainly a good buy and for just $43.35, the X5C would be right at your door step in no time!

Review: Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet

Okay, the most obvious ‘benefit’ if you are to take advantage of this deal would be the price. Yes, for just $49.99 — you already got a 7-inch display tablet with a single-band WiFi and an 8 GB internal storage that is even expandable to 200 GB. Wow!

Still, if this tablet were not from Amazon, you might believe that this tab is just like the cheap ones you find on the streets, or some that are on sale at malls. But of course, this is much better!

Anyway, let’s go through its key features..

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In its 7-inch display comes a 1024 x 600 pixel IPS screen; includes an 8 GB internal storage with a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor. Hmm.. Just what you need for entertainment — and yeah, even some light ‘working’. Besides, it’s got a decent 7-hour battery life.

Some issues with this one though.

One. The audio. If you are one of those seeking some cinema-like sound effects then you could be disappointed — it only got a mono speaker, and not yet a Dolby with dual stereo speakers.

Two. If one is a real techie, then he’d notice the difference between high resolution and a 1024 x 600 pixel screen. The smoothness. How fine those letters are and all, especially when just used for reading.

But hey, these issues are even hardly noticeable! And they are even not that important considering its value for price — Only $49.99!

0920-fire-564Moreover, its front facing VGA camera is sufficient for even Skype calls. And did you know that as measured in tumble tests, Fire is almost 2x more durable than iPad Mini 4?? Well, just look at that bulky, plastic body for one!

See? Point is, no matter how advanced technology, or a gadget for that matter is — there’d always be an area that needs improvement. That’s why technology keeps evolving!

Consumer Video: 10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets – Part 1

The kitchen is always where the action is — no matter what — after all, we all need to eat. And so, wouldn’t it be great to get whatever help we could to make life a bit easier for us in the most crucial part of our home? Yeah, like kitchen gadgets!

So now, the first of our series.. Well, and a never-ending one, really.

Hmm… Not all 10 gadgets shown in this video is actually cool. In fact, only 3 of them are. Com’ on, let’s then classify them all..

Poor. The dipr. This product is pretty OA. Do you actually need a special product just for dipping cookies?? Sad to say but it’s not that important at all. Another simple (and unfortunately, unnecessary) kitchen gadgets is the drop, a kitchen scale and app for baking and stuff. The porthole which allows people to create cocktails, oils, teas, drinks, dressings, sauces — like mixing them in one container is almost ‘useless’. It’s just an expense that would clutter your kitchen! Meanwhile, the neo is quite similar to the ‘drop’ — for measuring food but this one is a jar, so??

COOL: The Tweak
COOL: The Tweak

Average. The pizza scissors looks cool but the cut it does is kinda small, so unless you are in a diet or you don’t like pizza that much then you might rate this tool real high. Next is the 6-way opener. Yeah, it opens cans, bottles and alike but I personally find it a poor ‘imitation’ of a multi-functional tool. Looking closely, this product is not urgent as finding tools is simply a matter of being organized. Then we have the meld knob. Okay, the temperature controlling feature is good — for precise cooking and safety. But hey, we could live without it since we could monitor the oven on our own.

COOL: The Trongs
COOL: The Trongs

Cool. Almost always, we can’t just avoid holding or cutting food — and many times, without getting our fingers greasy. So, having a gadget like the trongs is quite a relief. Next, whether you have experienced or have just seen some leftovers or morsels on the sink’s strainer — the tweak would only show how necessary it is. Being easy to hold and utilize, you can now easily say goodbye to your strained filthy food scraps. *Sigh..

COOL: The RMDLO colander
COOL: The RMDLO colander

And finally, here’s one really amazing kitchen gadget — the RMDLO colander! Talk about its uses and how easily we could store this colander, wow! It’ll just blow our minds off! Really!

Our only concern here would be its blades. Like when you fold ’em or use it.. What are the chances of us getting cut? Huh?

Consumer Video: Camping Gadgets put to the Test

It’s just about the weekend and could be a nice time for another adventure for many of us — like camping! Yet again, understand that you’re not going to some fashion show or ‘luxurious’ event, so make sure you have just the ‘right’ gadgets with you.

Let us see what’s kinda “trending” in camping gadgets..

Guess what — while some of the gadgets are sort of ‘luxurious’ and close to useless, there are still a few that’s quite handy and a must have especially when staying out. What ya’ think?

Hmm… the ‘airpad’? It might be easy to put away but you’d have to blow your lungs out just to use it! Ah, never mind that it could turn into a seat — you’re camping anyway, you could sit on the ground!

Yeah, same goes with the ‘air couch’ or whatever you call it. Seems like the material is just too thin that it could easily blow up or succumb to pricking. Hey, what’s wrong with these gadgets using ‘air’ nowadays?? They’re just a waste of money.

Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle
Pocket Chainsaw: Questionable handle

And the ‘pocket chainsaw’?? Wow, while it has its use, it could also be dangerous! Yes, on the handle. Those chains are pretty sharp and there’s no ‘real’ secure spot to hold it while cutting stuff. Huh, I’d rather not bring such..

How about the ‘camping shower’? *Sigh.. This is camping. You’re supposed to experience the wilderness — why bring a shower with you? The cellphone is out of the question, of course. And so, you do need a ‘solar charger’ for that; but the one we have on the video is not really something new — so that shouldn’t really be in the video. Yup, it’s a given that campers should definitely bring with them.

Camping Shower: What happened to 'experiencing' the wilderness?
Shower?? What happened to ‘experiencing’ the wilderness?

The water bottle..? Oh, if only for not taking up space..

3 Gadgets that stood out though. One, the ‘hat with a flashlight’ could help a lot as you wouldn’t need to hold your torch; instead, use your hands for other camping duties. The only issue is probably ‘cleaning’. See, the light should be removable so as to be able to wash the cap — otherwise, you’ll just stink and feel itchy on the head.

Hat with flashlight
Hat with flashlight

Two. The ‘spork’. Spoon and fork in one utensil plus a little knife. This way you wouldn’t need to bring additional stuff but just one. The only question is its durability. The metal looks too thin to really handle tough meat, et cetera.

Finally, the ‘dry sock’. That water-proof pouch, you know. This is especially useful since you could slip and get dirty in the wilderness — the pouch then protects your stuff from getting wet and messy. Now, that’s more like it!

Consumer Video: 7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test

Do you love dogs? Hmm… do you have one? Yes? Yes! Then this might be of interest to you — Dog Gadgets. Here now are 7 of the latest dog gadgets put to test..

So, let’s check ’em out!

Okay, know what? Almost all of these dog gadgets are close to, well, ‘useless’. Yeah! Not only are they hardly creative but it is just a waste of money to ‘invest’ in them except for the last product which is the neon or led collar — obviously to easily locate your dog.

The others?? Arggh!

Ball for taking dog photos? Those dogs in the video even ignores ’em, and the only reason they looked at the camera somehow is because of their owner’s call. Not all dogs would fall for balls that are just ‘held’ in some way. 0715 puppy

Now, the car seat mat or cover so as not to mess the car from dog’s hair or dirty paws is not so cool. Why? Because look at just how much space that mat occupies? Practically the whole back of the car! So, suddenly the car is not for the owner but for the dog! Shouldn’t it be the other way around??

The gloves!? Is it even cute?? We say it’s only good for those who are allergic to dogs or something, otherwise, wouldn’t it be much better if you could actually feel your dog? Really!

Paw wash? Geez, you should follow it up with a dry cloth; if not, your dog would bring in more dirt. Hey, it’s even only applicable if you’ll lock your dog inside your house just to keep ’em clean!

Resealable canned food. Hahhh.. 0715 labrador_retriever_19026_11125

And the protective paw ‘nails’. Nails?!? Are those paw nails? Definitely not cute. Just a waste of time.

In the end, we only tried to show you these products to warn you of their uselessness. See, no matter how much you love your dog — even they won’t really appreciate these.