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Product Review: 3 Ingeniously Designed Products

How ’bout some products that are cleverly designed you’d be so itchy to have ’em?! Well, that’s what we have for you today folks. Three of ’em.

Now, let’s take a look..

Shelf size 12in. wide, 4in. deep. Staircase length 15 1/2in. long, 1 1/2in. wide. Weight 3lbs.
SHELF SIZE 12in. wide, 4in. deep. STAIRCASE LENGTH 15 1/2in. long, 1 1/2in. wide. Wgt 3lbs.

What ya’ call this again? Design Ideas Fire Escape Shelving. What a long name! And perhaps the only thing that’s not creative. Hah! Still, look at the product? How cute! Looks like a real fire escape! And it’s made from hand-welded, epoxy-coated steel, so no worries.

Yep! Definitely a good buy at $99.

DIMENSIONS: 66in. high, 24in. diameter. Wgt 16lbs.
DIMENSIONS: 66in. high, 24in. diameter. Wgt 16lbs.

Eiffel Tower Hat + Scarf Storage. Wow, you might feel you’ve been teleported to Paris with this storage, eh?! But then, this one is quite expensive — and PBteen realized it. Originally, t’was pegged at $299 however, it’s on sale at $179.99 right now. Huh, still expensive.

0902 powers table lamp 1
DIMENSIONS: 15.5″ H x 5.5″ W x 7.5″ D   SHADE: 6.25″ H x 4″ W x 4″ D
0902 powers table lamp 3

Powers 15.5″ H Table Lamp by Viv + Rae. This one is just one for the books! Obviously very imaginative with the paint-pouring design — and though made from plastic, it’s sturdy and even has a 90-day warranty. Just don’t try to melt it like a candle.

A real cool shade to have at $25, don’t ya’ think?!

Product Review: Folding Bed, Table, and Bookcase

With space becoming a prime commodity these days, it would certainly pay to have furnishings that occupy little space or could at least be folded to maximize one’s area — yet are still as attractive and creative as they could be. And that’s what we would be featuring for today, folding combo products..

$219.99 at Amazon
Ottoman Bed

First up, the Ottoman Bed. Yup, it’s an Ottoman that actually folds out into a 75″ steel-framed bed that supports up to 250 pounds. It maybe a little expensive but it’s just right for those who lives in a small space yet could accommodate some guests.

Industrial Storage Coffee Table
Industrial Storage Coffee Table
$549 at westelm

Hmm… just love the make (solid mango wood with a wax finish and blackened steel legs) of this Industrial Storage Coffee Table, the wood is thick and nicely cut. It looks solid and real sturdy yet not without its appeal. The Indians must be proud to have been part of its creation.

Italian Wall Bed - Revolving Bookcase
Italian Wall Bed – Revolving Bookcase

Lastly, a bookcase that also features a fold-down table and bed. The bookcase is said to be a complete package as it includes a mattress and a dining table that can be hidden. The shelf can blend into a library, cabinetry or be a bookshelf of its own..


Meanwhile, the large dinner table smoothly conceals itself when not needed and the shelving has plenty of vertical storage to keep your home organized. Let’s check out the measurements..

Table: Length 63″ (72″ incl. wall bed), Height 28.74″, Width 33.5″

For the Shelf: Depth 8.86″, Vertical shelf spacing 12.8″ apart, Lowest shelf vertical spacing 22.44″

$6,595 at expandfurniture
$6,595 at expandfurniture

And with a few simple twists and turns, your books and possessions are hidden away, and you are ready to lower your bed for a good nights sleep. The Revolving Wall Bed details: Height 86.7″, Depth incl. shelves 21.65″, Length with bed open 96.85″, Width 71.23″

Well, you might say it’s steeply-priced at over 6 thousand USD but then again, this Italian rotating wall bed is a bedroom, dining room and vertical storage unit all combined into a easy and neat package. So, with the ‘creativity’ and all, it’s really worth it..