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My Home: Decorating Ideas for Renters

Ah, if you are still renting.. Well, one of those tough things to do when in this situation is how do you actually decorate a place that’s not yours — hey, you can’t really move or remodel something significantly without express permission, right?

More so, if you’d finally be having a house of your own, how are you gonna remove those ‘sentimental’ things you may have ‘firmly’ attached to the walls or any part of the apartment?

Okay, here now are a bunch of decor ideas for renters out there..

Hmm… did you get them all? Oh, just too many. Hah! But you know what, obviously decors should be movable if big and removable if small. Then, if wheels could be integrated to whatever stuff or storage ‘fixture’ you have then so much the better.

Next. If you could creatively use color, unconventional things or used materials to beautify your place — well and good. That would not only save you money buying new items, but would also lessen the burden of actually bringing everything with you in case you transfer.

In the end, it pays to always be reminded that you would still be moving to a better place. Your own place.

Ready? Then CLICK HERE.. Or Here!

Consumer Video: Building a Wooden Cottage.. Yourself!

Today, we would like to give you another practical way to build your own house.. Or a wooden cottage for that matter. So, sit back and first watch how this could be completed, well, in just 4 hours!

Okay, many may not like the idea of just living in some kinda ‘box’ as how this cottage was just built. Then again, interior decorating is all on you. You hold the key on how a finished ‘box’ could be beautified. So, don’t worry. If you build it — it will come. Hah!

Hmm… More than anything else, presentations such as this gives us ‘ideas’ on how we could go about things in, say, a limited budget — in as little time. Therefore, take note of some keys.

One. Notice, wall panels are already in place beforehand. So, the thing here is accurate measurements so you could just prepare those walls and everything else — then assemble them like blocks.

Next. Simplicity. Since the house is like an ‘all-in-one’ room, you don’t really have to over-decorate it. A simple divider instead of designs of differing lengths will do. What matters is to simply stick with the basics, or what’s really needed to live and survive!

My Home: 5 Cheap DIY Home Repairs

Especially if your house has been up for years, eventually, there would be something to repair — it’s wear and tear. And so, it’s better to understand how things work around your ‘castle’ before they crack your walls and really puncture your pockets. Let’s see..

For those that doesn’t have airconditioners, better to regularly clean your coolers and fans. That would not only ‘blow’ you more air but ‘reduce’ the energy needed to make it work. Less energy, less costs.

Now, leaking faucets and running toilets is a gimme. Leaks only lead to more water needed for whatever your use and that’s more money going to the water supplier than water going to you!

Obviously, it’d be more cost efficient to patch your ‘tub walls’ than to put up a new ‘fixture’ — just like patching your roof instead of buying a new GI sheet. Thus, always check them before the rainy season.

Hmm… While using a candle to run through cracks and leaks is good, just be careful that nothing would burn while inspecting.

As for electrical outlets, try not to procrastinate on them — a short circuit could cause you problems especially during the summer..


My Home: How to Organize a Tiny Home

Does it have to be a drag to live in a small home? I don’t think so. Unless you never liked it in the first place! But hey, with the changing times — higher prices, lower wages, bulging population — our space is shrinking, and so we got to learn to adjust!

While lifestyle adjustment maybe ‘survival’ for some, it’s in fact a way to thrive for the learned. Living comfortably doesn’t necessarily mean having all the space you could have, say, in your living room when you don’t really get to sit there most of the time. Seriously. 0313 apt

What Felice says is true. And basically it is what organized people do — just do away with stuff that is not really needed, and in our case, simply start packing ’em up like on a 10-day shift. You don’t really need to fill your wardrobe when it could actually take you 6 months — or even 3 months before you would even think of wearing ’em clothes and stuff!

0313 90-square-foot-apartment-4Same goes with all your other things.

Having reserves or ‘just-in-case’ items is okay if it’s just a few pieces. Doing so would not only cut your expenses but also your time for maintenance, and ‘valuable’ space. Mind you, practicality and simplicity leads to an improved standard of living — and well-being. Just focus on purpose. Really.

My Home: 9 Kitchen Trends for 2016

We are into the third month of the year and now, got some kitchen confidentials to share — 9 Kitchen Trends for 2016 with the help of Houzz and the forecasts of interior designers Jane Lockhart and Gail Drury. What can we say? Well, just let you know as we go through them one by one, here goes..

Soft, muted color palettes
Soft, muted color palettes

One. Soft colors in the kitchen are certainly welcome. And it’s not all about ’em becoming or being the more popular tones. But like music, color which has a lot to do with ambiance inspires us to do well with our culinary artistry.

Smart spaces
Smart spaces

Two. Smart devices. Smart appliances. Smart kitchen. Definitely, a space-saving kitchen is a must. And this is not just about packing in those high-tech appliances, but with all the preparation and cookin’ goin’ on — you need to be able to move around, you know.

An '80s reboot
An ’80s reboot

Three. What about the ’80s? Yeah, what about it?? As Lockhart says, “mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and high-gloss surfaces aren’t dead but more elegant and refined this time around.” Indeed, simply a removal of the ‘plastic’ look.

Metal range hoods
Metal range hoods

Four. So, there will be more of the metal hoods this year — instead of the ‘wood mantle’ hoods — to go with other holdings like faucets and drawers. And why not, it’s got a different kind of appeal! Like, you’re coming from the dungeon of master chefs! Wow!

Integrated kitchen living spaces
Integrated kitchen living spaces

Five. Ahhh, the need for integration is not simply about the kitchen feeling disconnected from the rest of the house, but it is more like having easier access to your ‘food bucket’ — and saving more space (even decors) for other purposes. Seriously.

A new kind of tradition
A new kind of tradition

Six. Hmm… It’s all about evolving with time — and ‘space’. The ‘big’ basics are more emphasized, like the hood and islands while dangles would be lesser making the kitchen more down-to-earth. Yeah, let the artistry be more on the food! Hah!

Texture-on-texture contrast
Texture-on-texture contrast

Seven. One way to make the kitchen more lively lies in repositioning texture designs. Absolutely. Just like clothing, you can not just keep wearing the same old design where color is the only difference, see?! The kitchen has to feel alive, and not be a drag!

A nod to midcentury mod
A nod to midcentury mod

Eight. Something that’s obviously true. The living room, or furnitures for that matter should have strong influence on the kind of kitchen we put up; otherwise, there goes the ‘disconnection’! What matters  here is having a functional kitchen — and making things simple not only helps bring the costs down but makes a statement!

Well-lit cabinetry
Well-lit cabinetry

Nine. Then again, it’s in the ‘lighting’ where accentuation would be more present. That’s going to be like the hightlight of the kitchen — just do not overdo it! Subtle, in some ways, is always beautiful..

My Home: Korean Interior Design (HanOk)

Okay, our featured image is not the ‘interior’ but an area west of Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul. Right, it’s just to refreshen you on how it looks from the outside.

But of course, as many of us have watched Korean dramas so, we do understand that they are traditionally ‘floor-based’ although they’ve wonderfully evolved in their interior designing. And here’s the latest.

Wow, just beautiful designs by Han Jung wook! It’s actually a nice blend of the traditional and the modern; like the bedroom for one.

0226 korean inspired cute-bedroom by home designingIn this case, the walls and windows might be modern but the bed is still a bit low — traditional in a sense — which is in fact cute..

Bit modern han ok (Photo: freshhomedecor)
Bit modern hanok (Photo: freshhomedecor)

That even some of their hotels use traditional designs as a ‘come on’!

Just nice, eh?! At least we get to feel how it is to be in a hanok, or a Korean traditional house. An nyeong haseyo 안녕하세요 !!

My Home: Cool DIY Home Improvements

Well, we’ve seen many ideas on home improvements but mostly it only talks about, you know, using containers of various sizes to keep your house more organized. That’s it. Now, here’s some real cool DIY ideas for a better home. Yup, more than just containers..

Wow! Just wonderful ideas, huh?!

Still, we don’t think all of it would be good to apply. Why? More than just doing some extra work which is okay, guess it wouldn’t last; like, it would either backfire or your house could need some ‘remodeling’. Something like that. Think of the ‘stools on hinges’ for one. How long do you think could it constantly hold up a 200 pound weight? Or even a 150 pound guy that regularly dines on one spot?

Also, adding a window seat towards your staircase. If your house is not structured to accommodate such revisions then your abode would need some real remodeling. And while replacing your regular door with a Dutch door wouldn’t really alter your house’s structure, adding a ‘sun tunnel’ could change things albeit being a cool idea.

Then again, there are some things that’s worth the trouble though — like adding a little door to make unloading groceries easier, or even something as simple as putting a sign on your bathroom so guests know where it is. That’s neat! And worth the try.