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The Location game…

Location (including structural design) is crucial in the food business and especially if you are still a new player..

The store known here as "McDo"
The store known here as “McDo”

Though consumers will find wherever their store is, popular fast foods still try to go for that edge – that “busy corner” location.

Max's Restaurant
Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant, known for their chicken recipe, did a good job in its lighting particularly with its entrance and selected “dimming” within.

Mang Tinapay
Mang Tinapay

Mang Tinapay, a new corner bakeshop has its visibility blocked by fruit stands and a mini-terminal – but “newness” attracts, so?

Okay, being near a terminal is good however if your store is just too close to vehicles then it could affect “the brand it wants to establish.”

Nonetheless, in the end, it all depends on the “location” – this time it means the locality or region where your store is; and on how tolerant the culture is to such.

Between Christmas and New Year…

Is there a thing called a “holiday slowdown”?

This is the gap between Christmas and New Year – the time to recharge one’s batteries for the coming festivities, the turn of the calendar.

Let’s see what’s been happening during this time…

A pair of contestants doing a song number...
A pair of contestants doing a song number…
A piano student on a recital...
A piano student on a recital…

While malls are going on continuous shows… Streets are starting to flood with fruits.. and firecrackers, or is it?

More fruits could now be seen on sidewalks...
More fruits could now be seen on sidewalks…
Lesser injuries if only we turn to these...
Lesser injuries if only we turn to these…

NBA Christmas 2013: Clippers versus Warriors…

The recent NBA Christmas game in Oakland saw some altercations in different occasions with the likes of Andrew Bogut, Blake Griffin, Green, Jordan, and Barnes among others.

Clippers in blue, Warriors in yellow
Clippers in blue, Warriors in yellow

The game started normally.. sinking or missing baskets, going on fastbreaks, playing defense and all. But the competitive spirit and court “space” that these players hold was too much to handle – and so resulted in sporadic “hard” shoves and retaliations.

Many would call on “sportsmanship” in such incidents. Of course. But then, it’s the heat of the moment and the “sportmanship” most every competitive “person” understands is actually only seen after the end of the game. Know what I mean?

When the clock ticks zero – only then would there be handshaking and hugs.

Just some Christmas cheers…?

Players play hard during the game. Even getting hot under the collar. Some spewing trash talks while others getting physical. It’s part of the game. Anyhow, it’s important to note that a “clenched” fist should NEVER be used – which didn’t really happen in that game.

As for the penalties..

Ejections were justified. Two technicals result in such penalty. A flagrant 2 merits the same result. That’s the rule of the game.

However, as for suspensions..

Well, there was “no clenched” fist, or did you see one? And nobody really tried to ruin another player – t’was more of shoving. So, no need.

In the end, it was a nice game.. something fans would love to see again.

Not just gifts for Christmas, but…

Aside from gifts, this is what many of us get at this time of the year – “indigestion” or some form of it.

So would you suggest just being picky with all the food that’s offered?

Lechon... a staple in most celebrations
Lechon… a staple in most celebrations

Hmm… that’s a good idea. But then, hey, it’s the holidays!? You don’t want to turn down your grandma’s cooking?! And yes, the company of your cousins and friends simply “helps” you forget what you’re actually eating. Oh my.. just deliciously sinful!

Pork Menudo... one of Filipino's all-time favorites
Pork Menudo… one of Filipino’s all-time favorites
Kinilaw... mainly raw fish or meat that's seasoned
Kinilaw… mainly raw fish or meat that’s seasoned
Lumpiang Shanghai... tasty grounded pork in a roll
Lumpiang Shanghai… tasty grounded pork in a roll

Remember our “cleansing” diet? Guess it would be good if you could schedule it in the next few weeks..

The Best Christmas Gift one could receive…

Christmas is a time of giving.. and receiving. And so, we all have our own ideas of what the “best” gift would be.

Yet obviously, these would depend on each of our needs and priorities… and of course, our age as well as gender and personality.

Well, here’s the one gift most would appreciate..

For men.. Books would be one great gift
For men.. Books would be one great gift
For women.. Bags are always a winner
For women.. Bags are always a winner
For teenagers.. Gadgets would make 'em smile
For teenagers.. Gadgets would make ’em smile
For children.. Tablets do get their attention
For children.. Tablets do get their attention

Ooh, notice how our generation has turned to technology? How about including a healthy body as a gift to yourself?

That would be the best gift one could ever receive.. so, better get enough rest.. eat healthy.. and move your body.

When you stop t…

When you stop talking, you’ve lost your customer. When you turn your back, you’ve lost her. – Estee Lauder

For Estee Lauder, this is all about attention. Just like personal relationships, a girl just wants someone who could make her smile. And if companies could do that “regularly” then you could keep your customer.

For how long? Until someone else talks more??

Nah, while you could continuously reinvent yourself, your product … while keeping ’em happy.

How’s the Sun been?

Guess telecom companies should not give any sort of misleading claims or promos especially when they do not have a stable signal – for they could face many consequences from losing customers to legal suits.

As for what happened to SUN Cellular

See? Connection problems...
See? Connection problems…
Okay, but they're trying...
Okay, but they’re trying…

Despite the flaw, SUN is a good provider. They try to fix problems; but the problem is.. signals still need fixing. And.. they lack, at least, one more phone brand on their list – Alcatel.

The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone...
Basically a good procedure except…

Notice the last photo? Most known phones are listed but no Alcatel

The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone...
The next page includes Blackberry and iPhone…

…although FB Zero has now been working every now and then. Still..

The first law o…

The first law of economics is that when the price goes up, consumption comes down. This is a divine law. You cannot change it. – Sheikh Yamani

We all see that, Sheikh Yamani… but good to hear it again though.

Notice consumers? They shy away from such. But since it’s the holidays, many sellers are just taking advantage – and customers are, well, paying customers.