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Cleansing Diet Instructionals

Although most of us already has an idea of the value of fruits and vegetables for our bodies, especially in “dieting” for good figures – not many are fully aware of diets that could “detoxify” our bodies.

Here’s one of those “cleansing” diets that could keep our organs in top shape, and this, was actually formulated by the late Ernie Barron.


For 14 days, these are the fruits and vegetables that you are to eat:

1. Cucumber – it’s high in insulin which as we know is a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulates the level of glucose in the blood.

Intake:  1 kilo a day

2. Coconut Juice/Water – its alkali content neutralizes acids in our bodies.

Intake:  No limit

3. Orange – it has natural iodine which plays a role in metabolic functions; besides, the fruit is also good for blood cleansing.

Intake:  No limit

4. Bitter Gourd – it’s excellent for its blood cleansing properties.

Intake:  1/2 kilo a day

NOTE: You could also add apples (good for your lungs) and bananas (helps you have a better sleep) to your diet, however, in this case, it would be consumed only during snack times.

The above food combination has the ability to melt “bad” acids in our bodies as well as kidney stones, abscesses, and blood clotting.

Important Reminders:

1. For 14 days, you should not eat cooked, or packed food other than the above.

2. Do not add any sort of enhancer (sugar, salt, artificial flavoring, milk, etc.) to the food you are to eat.

3. After 14 days, do not immediately eat solid food; instead…

4. …just have “soft” meals (ex. porridge) or soup (ex. potato soup or sour broth) for 1 week.

5. After 1 week of soup diet, only then could you eat solid food again.

LASTLY, as our word of precaution… If you have any medical condition or you are taking medication, consult your doctor first. This is a “cleansing” diet and you may need other nutrients to support your condition.

Surfing with SUN Cellular…

Yesterday 8:19am, I was notified that I successfully loaded FB50 valid for 7 days by SUN Cellular Mobile Internet; and was texted to just visit

It’s been 30h since and I have not been able to access what I paid for. Instead, what happens is that.. after typing, SUN directs me to its web page – SUN Wap. Try it again, it just goes circles.

Worse, FB Zero as well as Twitter Mobile has also been inaccessible.

I noticed that these things happened when i100 was loaded several days ago, which incidentally gave some problems as well. I could not use SUN’s mobile internet on its first and last days of subscription. Oh boy!

For one, I think SUN Cellular’s system got mixed up and could not handle different purchases (though on different occasions) by a single user.


Now, SUN’s sim card is practically useless (except for its free texts that accompanied the i100 & FB50 loads).. well, maybe until i100 is loaded again.

Oh, what the heck?!

Page cannot be displayed??

This post should have at least appeared yesterday, but due to technical problems, you see us only now.. again.

Well, from slow networks to inaccessible websites – that’s what happened even the other day. If only on a daily basis, that was in fact the third time around that Consumer Live has missed on posting on its site.

First was because of the URL spams. Second was just a couple of days ago, and ’twas because of a slowing network just like the other day, November 14.

Accessing problems abound whatever the search engine...
Accessing problems abound whatever the search engine…

The third could be because of either the search engines, WordPress, or network problems. And these are not to make excuses but to disseminate a truthful statement especially for our loyal followers who deserves nothing but Our Best.

At any rate, we are not sure if this is because of the recent super typhoon Haiyan – or its after effects.

But one things is for sure though – Consumer Live is Alive and Kicking. We’re resourceful enough to find ways to keep you posted.

And if we ourselves are having trouble accessing our site for postings and updates, or would be affected in some way – at least until technicalities or the “power supply” normalizes then at the very least our Facebook and Twitter pages through our mobiles would breathe you life – just Like and Follow Us.

Thus, keep your dials on and stay tuned! Thank you.

Haiyan and You…

While most of the news you would hear for the past few days is about super typhoon Haiyan and it’s damages, there are those who would also talk about the lessons from the typhoon. Oh, are there new lessons to learn??

See, there’s nothing we could really do about natural calamities. I mean, if your intent is to stop typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes… ah, you’re just chasing after the wind. What we could do instead is to prepare for it to minimize losses.. and everybody knows that, people just needs to be reminded about it. For one, just fix your roofs and drainage. And if you’re near coastal areas, evacuate. More so, consider building houses away from the area next time; and if you’re a fisherman, just make something that would serve as a temporary station.

Think about your location...
Think about your location…

But now, it’s done – another typhoon has just passed. Yet unfortunately, there’s something that many do not realize ’til now – and that’s not to panic on the part of the people, and not to “sensationalize” on the part of media. As for the government, food and evacuation are not the only things your people needs but land and funds for permanent relocation.

Panic only worsens things. Nah, not because you’d bump each other for rushing, not that – actually, that hardly happens. So, what? Panic buying? Yes. See, why buy more than you normally do? How long do typhoons lasts anyway? 2, 3, 4 days? So, why try to buy the whole supermarket?? Learn to share.

Doing so would only trigger other things like sudden increase in prices and hoarding. Just go about your regular food consumption. After all, the most obvious and unusual need here would be candles, batteries, matches, flashlights, and water.

What about “sensationalization”? Oh, sometimes media tends to exaggerate to sell their news resulting in panic by the public. On the other hand, some entities reports with so much enthusiasm thereby boiling the blood of their audience. Result: Panic. Report what’s really happening and with calmness, whether in print, online or on-air.

Typhoons and other natural calamities is part of life – it’s not something new. Don’t overdo your preparedness instead channel it to prayers. Help each other. Relax.

YouTube’s 1st Music Awards

YouTube’s 1st Music Awards

Sure many of you knows by now..?? Just last November 1, South Korea’s Girl’s Generation bagged the 1st YTMA Video of the Year award having over 74 million views and 400,000 plus likes… besting the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and One Direction among others.

Girl's Generation
Girl’s Generation

Problem is, many could not accept it.

Well, that’s understandable. Everybody has their own favorite. Okay, so why was it a problem then? Ah, if you think about it, it’s too simple – it’s just a matter of “sportsmanship” just like seeing your favorite sports team lose and accepting it. Ugh! Of course, that must be pretty tough, especially for die-hards. But then, here’s the catch – so long as you played by the rules and did your best – win or lose, the results become secondary.

Still, it seems like fans of other stars are taking it “down to their bones” … reportedly to the extent of expressing their disappointment in a racist manner. Is that good? Everybody knows the rules, it’s just all about views and likes, so a fan of whoever should simply do what needs to be done – right? View and like.

What happened then, why complain, was there cheating??

We are all in this together, regardless of race. If we only learn to accept each other as God’s children then there would be less chaos; instead, more understanding, real peace, and greater opportunities – for all.

There’s always a next time. Peace!

VIDEO: Vietnam Airlines’ “missing wheel” incident…

A little over a week ago, Vietnam Airlines landed in Danang, Vietnam with a missing wheel. How did it happen? Check the video simulation… then let’s talk about the good and the “not so good” about what happened.

Okay, believe it or not, this is one of those rare aircraft incidents where there was “something” good about. And what is it? The pilot.

See. More often than not, in aircraft problems, the pilot’s inefficiency is pointed out. That they lack flight hours or training or what. But this time, the pilot showed poise and skill. Yes, no one may have noticed the “missing wheel” that dropped while in mid-air, but the pilot was able to land the plane safely.

That’s skill! That’s what makes this news worth examining.

Now, the “not so good” as mentioned even in previous aircraft related posts (type ground crew at the search bar) is that the “ground crew” or technicians may have missed on their responsibilities. Checking. Double checking. Triple checking is crucial to aircraft safety. Oh and as everybody was focused on – the wheel. That’s the serious part. It could cause real harm.

Still, though Vietnam Airlines may have succumbed to losses due to delays and the “missing wheel” news, if passengers are helped to think it through – that particular pilot could bring in the positives.

Now, it’s up to the ground people and the airlines’ management. Investigate well and be accountable – then thoroughly maintain.

Consumer Photos 31

Simple salad made of coconut and tidbits of fruits
Simple salad made from coconuts and tidbits of fruits

Do you know how to cook?

Hmm… actually, that’s sort of a follow-up question to some joke where it originated from. You wanna know how it started? Okay, here…

Cassava cake
Cassava cake

If you like apples then plant apples.. if you like carrots then plant carrots.. if you like cakes then go bake.. and so on. Thus, if you LIKE something, you learn to either plant or cook. Funny?? Ahh, forget it..

Now, what does that have to do with these photos?

Oh, if you notice, these are simple yet tasty homemade products that you could enjoy.. and earn from, that’s if only you delight in cooking or preparing food, and are not shy of distributing it.

You could start it out as a hobby and make some money while satisfying your palate. Nice!