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Music Review: Turn Down For What (DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon)

Sitting at number 5 for this week’s Billboard top hits is an entry from DJ Snake with Turn Down For What, and featuring Lil Jon.

Well, well.. If there are songs in our top hits that almost doesn’t mean anything then this must be one of those. For one, it only has 3 lines with words that only rhymes but needs the aid of video to give you a clue to what’s going on.


What’s amazing though is that it still has garnered close to 53M views at YouTube with really nothing to show but “sex” and violence. Has humanity become that low?

Hopefully, our taste would improve.

Consumer Photos 40

Pizza Hut BQ branch
Pizza Hut BQ branch

One can easily blame the recent earthquake for Pizza Hut’s fate in this part of the world. And true indeed, before the calamity, the place has been flocked with customers… even for per slice or package patrons.

Greenwich ICM branch
Greenwich ICM branch

Although Greenwich‘s pizza is also a treat, save for the per slice package they served a month ago… “One man’s fall is another man’s gain”, and so the saying goes.

For consumers’ sake, hope these pizza chains get their acts together.

Consumer Photos 33

Trees at a mall...
‘Em trees have simply swelled…

Though as early as October one could already hear those Christmas bells ring, it’s especially true after “All Soul’s Day”… you’d even see those trees have already spread enough to be spotted. Oh my, just like mushrooms!

The spirit is starting to be felt...
The spirit is starting to be felt…

Now, look at those cashiers and baggers… notice what’s on their heads?

Well, holiday’s just around the corner. Smile.