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Consumer Video: Giving Birth on a Wheelchair

Okay, t’is is what we’re sayin’! Most supposed leaders and billionaires are supporting ‘equality’ being the trend that many powerful women have been riding on. Like, haven’t you still heard of ‘Lean In’?

The most influential are actually just supporting what’s trending which is in fact just their own doing, too. Yup, to aid their ambitions. See how selfish the world has become? Tsk tsk..

And now, this..

Many are starving. Living below the standards of human dignity. And even being denied of basic services. So, what’s the use of things like ‘Lean In’ when many are even having a hard time in life?

Ambition. Getting to the next level is only applicable if everybody’s fed well. If everybody is being given ‘equal opportunities’. If the poor are cared for and not denied by hospitals, or whatever institution or government agency that could help them.

In our featured video, it is said that a Filipina who was to give birth was denied by 2 local hospitals, and was just forced to give birth on a wheelchair with the help of some nurses. So, was this just publicity since t’was the nurses who did help? Can’t be. Not time for such.

0619 Bringing-Hope-In-The-Lives-Of-The-Needy-Through-Humanitarian-Approach

Fact is — the world’s focus has really been on money. On getting more money, on helping those who got money — but is just hiding behind a sheepish, ‘We want to help especially the needy’.

Yeah, sad but true. But look around you, the needy is even growing; and most of the influential could only talk about issues not act on it. Well, perhaps it’s about time to move away from a capitalist society — and onto where consumers would be less exploited.

Consumer Videos: Free Energy to light up your Bulb

Today’s feature will be that of one ‘energy-saving’ means — lighting up your bulb by just basically using magnets. And thereby, giving you some light on areas that doesn’t really require that much brightness.

Wouldn’t that be great? Any amount of saving electricity would certainly help our pockets! So, let’s see how..

It’s simply the basic principle of magnets which many of us actually have experimented when we were still children. Yeah, you must have noticed the ‘repulsive’ properties then! And so, with just the CPU fan, thin neodynium magnets and a led lighting bulb — we can have some needed light for specific purposes.

Okay, although the CPU fan and the bulb would be easy to find, the neodynium magnets could be new to many. Thus, here’s how to recognize and get them for this purpose — or any ‘light-duty’ use.

Oh, there you go! Neodynium magnets are those kidney-shaped and nickel-plated strong magnets that you could also find in almost every computer hard drive. Since you already saw how it could be removed — now, the real issue would then be ‘where to get a hard drive’ if you don’t have any at the basement? Hah!

Ask from friends or family? Scavenge?? Buy old hard drives?!?

You should know better. Ciao!

Consumer Videos: Wilderness Survival Tips

It’s summertime and perhaps many of you have been planning all sorts of adventures — not just swimming but especially camping. Then again, are you really ready? Like, what if you get stuck somewhere? What if you forgot to bring this and that? Or, what if you meet the inevitable? Seriously.

Are you ready to go?

Hmm… this is not to scare you or play ‘kill joy’ but you know, we don’t hold circumstances. So, better pick up some survival tips before starting to camp. Here goes..

Wow, the video tips should have been numbered. Yeah, for easier recall, or so as not to get confused. Anyway, it is helpful — just take note of what the priorities should be, like..

Making fire. You have to cook and eat, you know. Also, what if it’s cold? Besides, if you forgot your rechargeable lamp, it’d be good if you know how to make a fire — even from scratch.

Making a water filter. You gotta drink too, no question. So, see the basics of filtering? Grass. Sand. Charcoal.

Making a signal device. This is particularly useful if you got trapped in one place or something, and you forgot a flashlight or are trying to conserve the firewood you have.

Making herbal medicines. Depending on where you are, like in the East, you should know the medicinal properties of Moringa and Guava leaves among others, just in case. And don’t panic.

Making ‘cleaning’ solutions. This is whether you need to clean your pots and pans, or you ran out of toothpaste. While ground charcoal is good enough for your teeth, tin foil or even sand is good for the outside of your cookware.

Oh yes, of course, if you forgot or lack tents — or if it got damaged or something — here’s how to make a survival shelter.

Okay, it may be too simple but it does give you an idea of the basic construction, in case you never noticed home building and repairs. You hold the stick — so, just try to improve on it!

Consumer Video: How are Hot Dogs made?

Have you ever wondered how ‘hot dogs’ are made? Yes, today we will go through one of the most loved ‘fast foods’ in many streets of the world — and so for the curious and especially for the hungry, here’s how!

Some points to take note of.

One, hot dogs are ‘already seasoned’ while still being processed. Yep, this seasoning depends on where the hot dog would be sold which means it’s customized — so, don’t wonder why hot dogs from this place tastes different from that, and that it’s even unique within regions. That’s because of how the majority appreciates it.

Two. Hot dogs are high in sodium, fat and nitrite which are linked to various health problems; so go slow in consuming them, better yet buy more of those that are made of chicken rather than those made of pork and beef. And remember, ‘wieners’ are more of pork but are blander while ‘franks’ are more of beef and are strongly seasoned. So, take your pick.

Three. Water is actually the reason why hot dogs are juicy — as it also helps disperse the ingredients. Interesting, huh?! Just be careful when adding some so to get your expected results.

Four. While one could make hamburger patties with relative ease, you could actually also make hot dogs at home — even without those factory ‘vacuum’ machines. Watch this..

The key is in the plastic — that is, if only for shape. However, you should use a special kind of plastic since you’d be baking it before actually frying. And! Try adding water for a juicier hot dog. Hah!


Consumer Video: Lottery Winner Failings

Many has dreamt of winning in the lottery, but obviously, only few were ‘lucky’ enough to win. And even fewer were ‘prepared’ to win..

While many would say, ‘I’d do this and that.. just buy this and that.. invest on this and that..’ yet when good fortune arrives, they are actually ‘caught by surprise’ and just bungle their winnings.

People wants a good life, that’s natural. Enjoy. But ‘enduring’ success is mainly about character. And so for those who really deserves it, you would clearly notice their conviction. They just stick to the plan. And should anything come up other than real emergencies, they’re just guided by their checklist; otherwise, you just saw what could happen if you’re not wise and disciplined..

So, what would you do if you won the lottery?