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Consumer Video: Lottery Winner Failings

Many has dreamt of winning in the lottery, but obviously, only few were ‘lucky’ enough to win. And even fewer were ‘prepared’ to win..

While many would say, ‘I’d do this and that.. just buy this and that.. invest on this and that..’ yet when good fortune arrives, they are actually ‘caught by surprise’ and just bungle their winnings.

People wants a good life, that’s natural. Enjoy. But ‘enduring’ success is mainly about character. And so for those who really deserves it, you would clearly notice their conviction. They just stick to the plan. And should anything come up other than real emergencies, they’re just guided by their checklist; otherwise, you just saw what could happen if you’re not wise and disciplined..

So, what would you do if you won the lottery?

Consumer Video: 10 ‘Strange’ Japanese Inventions

Alright, many may find these Japanese inventions strange or funny but come to think of it — hey, most are real useful! Maybe some just needs a little ‘fine tuning’ to make it, well, less embarrassing..

Okay, where’s number 8? Was it the ‘feet umbrella’ shown at the start of the video? Anyway, let’s go at it one by one..

The ‘chopsticks fan’ would be useful if you’d be eating outside, but at home? Don’t think so. You could use a regular fan instead and point it at you, right? Then again, using it outside maybe funny at first but creative in the long, hmm.. ‘thinking’. Still, that would be bit ‘heavy’.

The ‘anti-rape disguise’ needs some fixing like, see those shoes of the girl? Yeah, what if the guy looks down? For one, the vending machine is obviously ‘soft’, hey, he might not even need to look down at all.

The ‘hay fever hat’ is pretty embarrassing to wear outside your home. Just look. You’re carrying toilet paper on your ‘head’! Yes, you may be sick but that’s just too much, don’t you think?

How about the ‘umbrella tie’? Well, this is possible. As long as it’s not bulgy and heavy, it’s okay to wear it. Not embarrassing as it’s hidden.

Oh, the ’10-in-1 gardening tool’.. Isn’t it kinda heavy? Yes, it’s useful but look at its size and width even girth. Better put all your tools in a box and bring them to your garden.

Now, the ‘lipstick assistant’ would only be needed if one is still a child. Or if you’re just way toooo in a hurry. Did that ever happen to you?

Wow, the ‘noodle eater hair guard’ makes you look like you’re from the carnival, huh? Hah! Yes, it has its use but how about just tying up your hair? Yet if you really like it, just don’t use it outside.

The ‘full body umbrella’ is real cool. The question here is the trouble you might go through in fixing it after the rain. Ah well..

Finally, we have the ‘personal rain saver’. While you could use ‘rain water’, this would just be ‘troublesome’ when coming from work as you’re just tired.. unless your area is actually experiencing drought.

In all, we could see the Japanese mind here.. Just real creative people.

YouTube Review: Skinning a Watermelon

Uploaded just last August 31 and it already has 22 million YouTube views, wow! And this video is even just a prank that’s entitled ‘Skin a Watermelon party trick’! Let’s check it out..

Hah! Mark didn’t really skin the watermelon! I mean, he actually used 2 watermelons for this trick.. guess, if it were an actual party with no such video uploaded then people wouldn’t really suspect, right?

Yet only the quick-eyed would notice that the rind already has a cut.

Think it’s cool? Well, you could still try it out.. who knows?!