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Consumer Video: Lottery Winner Failings

Many has dreamt of winning in the lottery, but obviously, only few were ‘lucky’ enough to win. And even fewer were ‘prepared’ to win..

While many would say, ‘I’d do this and that.. just buy this and that.. invest on this and that..’ yet when good fortune arrives, they are actually ‘caught by surprise’ and just bungle their winnings.

People wants a good life, that’s natural. Enjoy. But ‘enduring’ success is mainly about character. And so for those who really deserves it, you would clearly notice their conviction. They just stick to the plan. And should anything come up other than real emergencies, they’re just guided by their checklist; otherwise, you just saw what could happen if you’re not wise and disciplined..

So, what would you do if you won the lottery?

YouTube Review: Skinning a Watermelon

Uploaded just last August 31 and it already has 22 million YouTube views, wow! And this video is even just a prank that’s entitled ‘Skin a Watermelon party trick’! Let’s check it out..

Hah! Mark didn’t really skin the watermelon! I mean, he actually used 2 watermelons for this trick.. guess, if it were an actual party with no such video uploaded then people wouldn’t really suspect, right?

Yet only the quick-eyed would notice that the rind already has a cut.

Think it’s cool? Well, you could still try it out.. who knows?!

YouTube Review: Improper Subway Behaviors

For this week, let’s go to the subway and see some behaviors that we could really do something about if only we’re more conscientious..

In this video published just last August 4, two women were caught fighting on the No. 4 Subway Line in Beijing. For what? A train seat.

Isn’t that kinda ‘immature’ of us? And the train is not even full!

This could have been happening ever since trains came to our lives, (and that’s not just in one particular country) it’s just that many of which were, maybe, ‘unreported’. Well, while the girl did the right thing in slapping the guy, perhaps she could wear something more modest especially when a subway would be part of her day.

Many times, it’s just all about you..

YouTube Review: The Dangers of Social Media

It’s been a while since we had our YouTube review as there’s been so many interesting ‘consumer’ videos at hand; but for today, we got an ‘important’ one to share, something that would serve as a warning not just to parents but especially to youngsters in social media.

Here’s the child predator social experiment..

Mikayla. 13 years old. Meet up at the park. Obviously, you should remember the face of your Facebook friend if you are to meet him.. Then again, if you’re still that young, better meet with your parents around.

Julianna. 12 years old. Opening the house’s front door. Even if you’re at the comfort of your own home, again, especially being that young.. It would be better if your parents are around if you are to entertain visitors.

Jenna. 14 years old. Getting into a car. If you think it’s no longer safe at the park or at home, how much more if it were to an automobile that you get invited to?

Kids.. Beware.

YouTube Review: The Other Side of a Post-nup Shoot

One of the more noticeable YouTube videos for a week or so now is “One of the worst things that could happen during your post-nup video shoot.” Wow! It’s already a labor reading such a long title, how much more watching the video?! Ha!

But, let’s see..

Funny!? Sort of. What about scripted?

Well, even in writing, sometimes one just tries to put something that would make readers mark them – like a strikethrough, a typo (yes!), or even using a word that just sounds alike but means different – just to ring the bell. You’d know ’cause it’d be corrected the next day or so. Anyway, there’s a fine line between an actual event, and a “made up” video to pump up viewership for that matter. And many times, it’s actually hard to tell unless you view it at different times, and in different conditions. T’is a nice one though.

In any case, it’s still worth a grin. Imagine if such disturbance would happen in your own post-nuptial shoot. Hmm… just wished the newly weds released those birds simultaneously..

At least there would be another good shot to appreciate.

Of Dogs and Refs

We’ve seen dogs do plenty of tricks. Yes, we know how trainable they are and amusing especially when taught well. But have you seen this kind of act by a dog? I mean, just check out this video..

Wow! Is this a trick? Oh, trick or not, how smart can a dog be!?! And to think the dog’s not really trained for the movies! Calling Disney!

Well, the act maybe short with just one “trick” but this is just one of those videos where there’s really no need for explanations. You’re jaws are simply gonna drop in awe and amusement..

After all, a dog is also a consumer. Hah!

YouTube Review: Is the Gym Really Worth it?

Are you a gym rat? Or do you even pay so much in membership fees for such? Well, what’s your real purpose anyway? Better health?? Good but.. Com’ on, you don’t need a 6-pack for that. So, it’s to be more attractive or confident, obviously.

In our featured YouTube video – Is the Gym Really Worth it? – Joe Weller talks about the value of going to the gym..

Oh, wouldn’t it have been nicer if Joe had a skit, or if he was talking in his workout area? More impact, and yes, more views.

Well, while in gyms, you got your instructor. Probably a complete set of equipments. And an added motivation of working out with others. The fact is, if you really want something done, your greatest motivator is no other than yourself..

Get knowledge. Get equipments. Improvise. Most of all, compete only with yourself. After all, we got different body frames, so make the most of your built and be happy with the results.

As Joe even said, just remember to maintain a positive attitude and good life balance..

In the end, workout only if it serves your purpose.