Do something fo…

Do something for his kids. It always means far more to a customer than doing anything for him. – Mark McCormack

Well indeed, connect with kids… and you connect with their parents.

This is something many do, and most visibly — fast food chains. They associate their brand to fun and tasty food — that especially on weekends, children just try to drag mom and dad to these stores.

Result: Everybody’s happy. Kids. Mom. Dad. Store.


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At the mall ...
At the mall…

If you got some free time like during lunch breaks, or after 5-6pm – going to malls not only gives you that relaxing period but a valuable break, whether on a dull or a fast-paced day – good for recharging those “idea” neurons.

Waiting for the show ...
Waiting for the show…

Various events help you keep up with some popular trends – Live!

Got a baby?!?

Baby's stuff
Baby stuff

About a week ago, we welcomed Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge into this planet. Now, the new parents in William and Kate are having the time of their lives with their adorable son. Hmm… sure they already do have all those clothes, toys and, and practically everything ready. Of course.

And so, just can’t wait to walk him around in a stroller — I mean, really sitting up. But then as for now, a crib is possibly the only thing that baby George could use most of the time. Oh well… better to just enjoy each day — learn together and make memories out of every possible moment. Right.

Have you a baby? Or are you planning to have one?

It’s a big responsibility to raise a child, you know. More than buying all those baby stuff and feeding him.. more than giving him all the comfort and educating him — we got to educate ourselves, first. Prepare not just our wallets but our emotions. Prepare not just a house but a home. Makes sense?

This is the only way we could bring up a good child… and eventually, an empathetic and productive citizen of this world as well.

Wine… Anyone?

At the end of the day, it’s certainly good to take even a shot of your favorite wine. All those stress and pressures at work bottled up — and now ready to be poured, and consumed. Yes!

Oh besides, bet you know about the health benefits of wine intake, huh? Good for the heart, a powerful antioxidant and all those stuff. So, it even adds more to that pleasure of taking a shot.

And the best wine is ...
And the Best wine is…

But wait. I didn’t say get washed up everyday — how about work, or school? Discipline is key here. Don’t get drunk unless it’s a weekend.

Really, don’t just be in a hurry to gulp. More so, while there are advantages in having a drink — you also got to be cautious in filling your belly. Just like exercising — don’t push it too hard if you have not sweat it out for awhile. Take it nice and easy… and work your way up gradually¬†until you get the load that suits you.

And if you don’t really drink — better stay still. Otherwise, just have a sip for starters. This makes it more important to understand a wine’s content and your body’s limits. Right, not to take out all the fun but we do have limits — so, choose your wine well.

Fortunately, and many times, your palate just¬†knows the Best wine for you…


Go the…

Go the extra mile…

Ever since this phrase came out — we hear it almost everyday and everywhere — that sometimes we, customers, think of it as a sly promo — or something that is insincere. Companies can’t blame us, right? After all, it’s like they’re trying to bribe us in some way. Hah!

See. Since most all organizations try to practice this mantra — we almost don’t notice any difference among them. Do you?

So, what’s really in this phrase anyway?

For consumers, all it means are add ons. Thus, there you go — just freebies. Whoever gives the nicest freebie is the Best one. Boy! Bribing indeed. Wonder how many companies could keep up with this then? Can you just imagine?

Now, if only organizations could successfully make the customer truly “experience that extra mile” — consumers would realize that certainly there is more to like about them than just freebies.

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