Unusual Freebie

Just picked up a mag ...
Just picked up a mag…

In one of my recent travels, I bought a renown business magazine at an airport bookstore.

And what have you? I was given a sachet of detergent powder for free. Well, giving out freebies to buying customers is not unusual but the kind of freebie that was handed out to “bookstore” customers was something. I mean — books and detergent. Do they mix?

If I were in a clothing store and bought an item over there then that would be understandable — it’s linked. Eventually, you would need to wash your clothes, right? But books? Oh well, it simply brought out a smile in me.. and in most of the customers who were lined up then at the cashier.

Yes of course, as customers, we’d be happy to get freebies of value — and certainly, a sachet of detergent powder is useful… though the detergent’s scent really stuck to my magazine. I mean, it took several days to wear off. Wow!

Anyway, but for the business partners involved — wouldn’t that sort of affect the bookstore’s image? Okay, people would still flock the bookstore especially where there’s no competition (and no real problem with customers in terms of such freebies)… but if a business wants to solidify and really raise its brand, they’d better watch whom they partner with particularly when it involves giveaways. It’s a respected bookstore after all.


Frequent Flyer

Inside a plane ...
Inside a plane…

I could say I’m sort of a frequent flyer as I’m in the sky.. monthly.

Well, we all know of these air miles and other promotions by the aviation industry which makes frequent flyers more in tune with their preferred carriers, yes especially from large and known airlines – whether domestic or in international routes.

But what about budget planes? Inside these planes, oh – you’d still have to buy food and drinks, and souvenir items if you wish which is to a certain extent understandable because of its lower price. Still, with growing competition from other airlines and transportation sources – isn’t there any other promotion but price.. and place?

Certainly, these low cost carriers really pack them up especially in places where travelling by ship costs just about the price of a budget plane ticket. So, travelling by plane is absolutely a relief.. yup, even though we see a notable number of air accidents recently.

Okay, if price is the only thing here.. then how about having that frequent flyer program for budget planes in place as well?

Or say, an even lower plane ticket for the next flight? Ah, that’s easy and already happening in some airlines. Then how about gradually lowering one’s plane ticket on flights within 30 days, 60 days and so on? Develop a range and a budget flyer card – after all, since budget planes is all about price — then drop it even more.

The thing with these airlines nowadays is that, they have this really low priced tickets — both for domestic and international routes — but you need to book several months or even a year ahead just to avail them. Whew! Who knows what could happen then? Sudden change of schedules. Illness. Emergencies. To say the least, such a promo is like a little short of swindling. Too bad.

Want to be above competition? Want to serve more passengers? Get a little more creative. Right.

The Customer is…

The Customer is King !

Yes, that’s right – the Customer is indeed King.

If there’s one mantra any business organization should always uphold, it is this one. If you’re still doubtful… go try living without customers for a while and see what happens.

Makes sense?

Thus, deal with customers with the proper respect. You don’t necessarily have to wipe their sweat or remove whatever dirt in their mouths… but be attentive to their needs. Make sure they are talking to the right people. Don’t discriminate. Don’t just try to sell your product or service but try to build rapport. It’s quite obvious that there is something in your product that tells them to check it out.. so, focus on that something. Then go the extra mile.

Just a few tips on valuing customers and makin’ ’em feel Royal.


Inside the bus ...
Inside the bus…

Just had a long, out-of-town ride the other day. It’s been a while since I commuted, and on this route … and so I noticed, many buses now are offering Wi-Fi┬áinside their buses to attract more passengers. In fact, many more bus lines are following suit.

Ah, now we could do work while going several miles an hour. Great!

Oh no! But looking at the window just makes some dizzy, and worse, the bus freshener makes the condition even sickening. Well, not that the freshener stinks, of course not; but the mix of odor and that apple scent makes one experience nausea. Too bad.

While many operators may be focused on using technology to their advantage, most have forgotten that comfort is a key determinant to retaining customers, or passengers for that matter. Yes, of course, safety and the right speed are a given as well.

So, how about changing that fragrance? Make it counter or blend with different odors in a pleasant way. Maybe it would help.

More so, how about adding a first aid kit to buses? Like an ointment or tablet to take when especially before feeling dizzy.

Good service only takes focus.

Sale! Sale!! Sale!!!

Known brands going on sale ...
Known brands going on sale…

Wherever it may be — there always seem to be a SALE!

Whether in big cities or remote places or even highways, and of course, in garages — items just keep teasing your pocket.

But what if your favorite brand goes on sale and you don’t have the cash? Or credit card? Are you just gonna wait for the next sale, or would you try borrow from whoever?

How, what you gonna do?

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