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YouTube Review: How Old is She?

Time again for another interesting video from YouTube, and for this week, we got one from Wong Fu called How Old is She?

Let’s see why this video garnered over 1.5M views..

Oh, isn’t it nice to be “mistaken” for being much younger than you are? Cute April fool’s day feature, eh?! After all, many just wants to be like, immortal – trying to delay ageing and preserve that youthful glow..

Yet, you know what? The secret to youthfulness is actually in one’s lifestyle and attitude. More than using those anti-ageing creams which I doubt if they really work – better sleep early, eat healthy, drink lots of water, avoid harmful UV rays, quit smoking, and don’t forget to smile.

Make sense? Smile!

Star Watch: Renee Zellweger

Amid the controversy over Renee Zellweger’s new looks, there’s nothing really wrong if she wants to have surgery or what..

renee2So what if Renee had an upper eye lift and Botox?! People have their choices. Even if you’d look like a clown or turn into princely features, if it would help you then go. If not, it’s still your life.

1413953088662_wps_77_LEFT_Renee_Zellweger_atteProblem is people compare people to their looks some 20 years ago, of course, they’re different.. even without surgery. We all age.

1413887657577_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_byStill the bigger issue is that society wants us to look perfect especially celebrities. Wake up! Remember, we’re even just on borrowed time.

From High School to NBA no more

Moving the age limit for NBA draftees became a hot topic even before the Donald Sterling controversy. And with a proposal of adjusting the entree’s age from 18 to 20, many just seems to agree.

Jabari Parker

Okay, while there may be a few high schoolers who are NBA-ready, most kids are still ill-equipped. And we’re talking especially about the necessary fundamentals to flourish – not to mention their physical readiness.

We all know the NBA is a tough league. And with its demanding 82 game schedule, how many 18 year olds can actually make a difference? As it is, many are just there in their rookie contracts then playing somewhere else afterwards.

Talk about preparedness.

This only shows the league’s hunger for fresh faces with low maintenance in hope to land a steal. Hmm… Business as usual. On the other hand, kids are pressed to make a big buck in a world of increased income inequality and decreasing opportunities..

Andrew Wiggins

..and the fans? They are left to endure whoever’s on the court. Regardless, they don’t really seem to care much except if they are close friends and relatives of the draftee.

But at 20, not only will these boys be more ready physically but they could also continue to help their schools’ competitiveness, get some more education and maturity while continuing to develop their basketball skills.

Good for the league. Better for the rookies. Great for the fans.