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Simple Experiences: From Armrest to Legroom

Sometime ago, we talked about the armrest problems in air travel and its creative solution from James Lee.

Now, we delve into another airplane issue – the legroom.legroom_2322525b

Yes, it’s true. Many gets agitated when one can’t really move his arms, or legs during travel. But hey, it’s a plane! Only private and military planes has more room for its passengers. Well, okay, to some extent the business class passengers as well.

But for the economy class..

Not only is it hard to move and stretch, but it’s also annoying when someone beside you wants to, say, use the lavatory or something.

ecseatHe stands up. Tries to “squeeze” his way out to the aisle while you sort of contort yourself to make room.

Yeah, more than the difficulty in stretching in one’s seat on an undisturbed trip – your seatmate is actually the one, again, who is ruining your day. How about making air travel more passenger-friendly, huh?

Boeing and Airbus understands this.

But it would not make sense for passengers if they just convert the planes into an “all business class” type of accommodation. Yes, mainly because of pricing issues.

After all, budget carriers are really surging.

Ebola, Air Travel and Plague

With the cure for Ebola still murky and a couple of “missionaries” as in those trying to lend their medical expertise in Africa contracting the disease and.. forced to go home – many have naturally feared the possibility that the virus could actually infect beyond borders.

Yeah.. Through air travel that is. After all, passengers including the patient breathes the same air in a plane.

Yet according to studies, although we maybe wary of infection, the probability is in fact very low. For one, aside from the fact that air is filtered, it takes 21 days for the virus to incubate. This means, the patient has long gone home in isolation before he could really infect others.

Oh, really? That’s a relief.

Well, Ebola doesn’t really infect through air; but is spread through saliva, vomit or blood penetrating orifices like the nose, mouth or wounds. So if you got family trying to clean some infected mess, he could be in danger. Reminds us of the game Plague where you are to try to wipe out humanity.

Hey, Ebola is no joke. And it’s certainly not a game, but this time, we are facing a reality that humanity could indeed be threatened if we don’t take the necessary steps. Not just quarantine and “spread control” but finding that ultimate cure.

Plague gave us an idea that the worse could happen to mankind. Then again with urgent and concerted effort, we will overcome.