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Airline Review: Airbus A350 XWB

We have seen many photos of this aircraft before.. nonetheless, after 7 months since its maiden flight, the Airbus A350 XWB was brought to the Singapore Air Show last February 10 for us to behold and experience – live!


Oh, could it board that many people on the photo? Well, it’s a pretty large plane that carries from 276 to 369 passengers depending on its variant. After all, XWB means “extra wide body.”

Ah, okay.

Anyway, as a passenger, what  would you want in plane? Is that a question? Comfort and safety, of course, aside from other amenities.


Well, see the plane’s interior? Appealing, eh? That’s the passenger cabin, soon to come though.

Now, this is the economy class. With an 18-inch seat width, it’s good but could still be tight to bulkier people somehow.

Hmm… ever wondered how its flight deck is? Ah, certainly pretty much the same – just like lavatories. Whoa!? Still, what’s more important is some space to stretch and easy to locate controls for the pilots – not to mention, more advanced features.

By the way, this plane uses 25% less fuel compared to the planes we know. That’s good.. just make sure we reach our destination – safe, sound and on time.

Yet, in the end, what good would fuel efficiency do to us if air fares increase citing a more advanced aircraft that we board?

Airline Review: TigerAir

After learning that Singapore budget airline TigerAir sold it’s 40% stake with the losing TigerAir Philippines to Cebu Pacific, I recalled my experience with the said airline sometime last year 2013.

tigerair-planes-sit-onFrom the moment you try to secure a plane ticket, it was not so good.

First, they only got limited flight routes and schedules. And it’s either too early or too late, or you need to take connecting flights to reach your final destination. In short, not so business or customer friendly. Oh, perhaps they could not afford to expand it – management inefficiency. Okay.

Second, after making a reservation online, your next move is to pick up your ticket on flight day, right? Well, you’d be surprised then. Why? Because you would still have to pay for the printout of “your flight confirmation.” Wow, it’s like being robbed! Geez, I thought everything has been taken cared of?!wpid-tigerair1_Edited.JPG

Third, upon boarding the plane, it’s like you’re in a military plane. Imagine the ambiance inside. Probably because of the combination of tight seating spaces, lighting.. yes, lighting.. and the attendants uniforms. Not to mention, the attendants were less accommodating.

Well, these were probably signs that the airline was indeed losing money – in effect, low morale. Such a pity.

Since then, I never booked with that airline again.

Hmm… hopefully, with the Cebu Pacific deal, things would improve.

Check your runways

With the varied reasons for air mishaps, the latest of which was that PAL engine explosion, one disregarded cause could suddenly result in another accident – it may be a given but check your runways. Airport administrators, take note!

Runway maintenance is crucial ...
Runway maintenance is crucial…

As stated in the recent “News & Developments” posting, if with automation where we thought of air travel as safe and which has now become a “question” – how much more would other overlooked factors such as runways?

I’m about to take another trip by month’s end, and with the airline that just had an engine explosion at that. Whoa! If there’s no clear explanation to it, if there’s no update to whatever reparable and preventive actions taken by PAL – as a “consumer”, what would you think? Was it just an isolated case?

Isolated case is “only” applicable if the entity is “continuously” doing something to improve its product, service, condition, or situation.

Billeting passengers in a good hotel is more of the result of a wrong than a burning desire to provide great customer experience.

The hope here is that for the concerned people not just to look at the plane factor or ground crew negligence or any potential pilot error, but to consider everything – including runways, birds, the changing magnetic field, a sudden firing of missiles, hacking, and all other distractions air travel could possibly encounter.

This effort should be “continuous” at all levels and for whatever route in every airline company in the world – never complacent.

Fire in the engine!?

Fire in the engine!?

Not even a day ago, a Philippine Airlines flight from Davao saw its right engine explode just after takeoff. Ahh! Must be scary for those passengers in the plane. Again, what is it this time? Well anyway, we’re still waiting for some press release as of the moment. But to say the least, fortunately, none of the crew or 30 passengers got hurt and were then billeted in a local Davao hotel.


Incidentally, I overheard CNN’s report of aviation authorities’ suggesting that pilots simply focus on “manual operations.” Perhaps it’s about time that pilots do so. While automation made air travel safer, automation has now started to make air travel a worrisome experience. Maybe pilots have just become too complacent that they sort of overlook things at the cockpit. Ooh! Trouble. Trouble.

Yet again, if this is the case, how about checking on the airlines’ ground crews as well? Are they really “awake” when going to work? Or are they even qualified in the first place?

As for PAL, this is another blow to the airline company. With their acronym jokingly referred to as “Plane Always Late” – this time, it could be “Passengers Always Lightheaded.”

Watch out! And better step up.