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Product Review: PlayBulb Color

Frankly, when we first heard of this product, we were kinda worried. Why? You know, a ‘speaker in a bulb’, how could that be?? Can you imagine?! What if the bulb couldn’t handle the heat and bursts?

But then, after looking at the product image and details, PlayBulb Color is not so bad after all..

PlayBulb Color

One, those simple-looking ‘linings’ gave us an idea as this bulb that is also a speaker could be controlled by our mobile phones. And the free app is downloadable at Apple Store and Google Play.

Now, what makes PlayBulb Color more impressive is that you could even change its color and mode – that is from Pulsing (shines bright then dims) to Rainbow (jumps from color to color) to Rainbow Fade (color jumps and fades) to Flashing (lighting goes on and off)..

Cool! This feature would certainly get you in the mood – and even your kids!

Lastly, you could even set a timer. Wake up or Sleep timer with your favorite music and color. Sounds good? Well, it’s available at playbulb.com for $79.99 .. Just a little expensive though, huh?

App Review: Split – The Antisocial App

You know Facebook, right? Twitter, Instagram, and FourSquare also? They are social sites where we make friends, right?

But then again, what if you don’t want to meet that someone? Meaning, just like in the real world, there are those who tries to avoid someone they don’t share good memories with.. Or even someone they just don’t like to meet.

What would you do then? How would you avoid them?

Well, in comes Split, the antisocial application. It gathers location data from social updates and then maps out where you should be to avoid those you are avoiding.

Cool? In some ways, yes. Hey, you could now be sort of incognito to whoever you wish. But then, these data could also be used by stalkers to track you down..

..and perhaps this is the only reason why the application has not really been a hit so far with only over 10,000 downloads at Google Play among others.

No matter if the creators of Split says the app is there to protect you from surprises – the fact is that it could also be a tool to follow you.

Verdict: No deal. But it’s your choice.

HABU music app on App Review

Music is the international language that we can’t imagine of anyone who doesn’t like even one song. Oh my, that person must really be antisocial to hate music. But for many of us, we even try to make our own playlists of our current and all-time favorites.. and listening to them over and over again.

And so, Gravity Mobile recognized this and came up with the HABU music app.. An application that organizes your music library according to mood which number 25 categories, and about 100 assumed moods.

How does it go about?


First, it is to load your library. Then it’d analyze and differentiate the songs through their emotion tags which would then take the form of yellow-green bubbles.

The size of the bubbles would depend, obviously, on the number of songs in that particular mood category. And to play the songs, simply click on the bubble.. though unfortunately, you couldn’t really select the type of mood you want to play, or even know it until you click that bubble.

Then again, music is the international language where we could all express ourselves, and so through HABU, we could also share and compare our moods at Facebook.


Hmm… it would have been more interesting if not only for that bubble information issue, eh?

In the end, though the app seems too simple, like, it’s just basically about filing.. this app would prove to be significant what with all the information.. and songs we try to store these days.

App Review: Tinder dating site

With over 5 million downloads at Google Play, Tinder is among the hottest applications being downloaded today.

Tinder is actually a matchmaker of an application. And just like other dating sites, it mainly bases its search according to gender, age and location among others.


However, unlike other apps, Tinder is a bit more appealing with all those swiping as even athletes from the ongoing Sochi Winter Olympics uses the site to find dates, and especially last Valentines day.

Still, it was not all a “bed of roses” for its users as a flaw was recently discovered from the dating app. And what was it?

A user’s actual location could actually be pinpointed (by just using some high school math) when as we believe should be anonymous, right?


For one, this could be dangerous especially if one unknowingly encounters a “scheming” individual. The consequences.. oh, you could just imagine.

Sure, Tinder has promptly acted on it, but they better make sure that it’s really fixed and no other hacking would happen.

App Review: Whoscall

And the winner is… well, you know who. Who else but “Whoscall”! Whoscall?

whoscall3Whoscall is an application designed to determine the origin of calls and text messages regardless if the caller’s number is on your phone book or not. Also, Whoscall helps you block callers you do not want to talk to.

Oh, that’s nice. But wait, what is this “winner” thing all about?

Hmm… it’s all actually about last year’s winner for Google’s Best Application. LINE Corporation in partnership with developer Gogolook utilizes databases of over 600 million numbers taken from the Yellow Pages among others.

But then, good as it gets, there’s still much room for improvement.

One. It is said that the offline databases are only available in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S.. This means many of those who would want to install this application would not be able to maximize its capability because of this limitation – besides, we can’t always be online, you know.

Two. Many have been complaining that Whoscall does not work with certain phone brands such as Lenovo. If this is the case, what’s the use of the application then?whoscall4

Three. One of its system requirements says that the “use of battery conservation apps may cause performance issues.” Well, then we won’t be able to take “conservation measures” if we use this application?! Some trade-in, eh?

Lastly, numbers in our phone book would not be “automatically” collected by LINE Whoscall service. Key word: automatically. This means, it would be stored – eventually. So, what about our conversations?

With all these privacy violations nowadays, should we just develop some kind of “Morse code” to be used within our contacts? Hopefully, things gets fixed before another round of problems ring our phones.

App Review: Magic Sleep

This application is not a newbie but has actually been around for a while, and we’re talking about no other than – Magic Sleep. And since it’s very useful, by all means, we got to feature it in our site, right?

Hmm… MagicSleep is an app that could actually put you to sleep. Oh, yes, even though our video is not in English – we just plucked it out simply as a demo on how to use the app. As you can see, very simple really.

Anyway, as per its Google Play description, Magic Sleep recreates the sounds inside the womb using the most advanced psychoacoustic sound sources, convolution reverb processing, and digital signal processing. To which the effect is… yes, you really fall asleep.


Obviously, since it’s based on the “sounds of the womb”, the app was first designed for babies and toddlers but soon found out that it could also be effective for adults. Well, that’s nice! Especially for those with insomnia.

Nonetheless, though the app is effective in itself, questions arise.

Radiation. The phone is beside you when you sleep, clearly, you would be exposed to radiation which is not good for your health either. What, insomnia or radiation? Thus, better have the CD format instead.

Battery. Using MagicSleep would definitely use up a lot of your phone’s battery. Think it could withstand daily use? Again, better a CD.

CD. Now, if you buy the CD, what would happen? Wouldn’t it still be the same? Like, the CD would be on the whole time you or your baby sleeps, right? If you are ready to pay the bill, just make sure your player and “wirings” are good.

Lastly, the free version which is Magic Sleep Lite is not working. And issues about having to repurchase the full version after having problems with the OS and the reinstallation of other applications should be cleared. It would be a waste if Mango Media doesn’t attend to these.

Gaming Review: Boggle

How many of you likes “word” games?boggle2

Well, with the slide of EA in its NBA Live series, Boggle is certainly a welcome development for the gaming company – what with the shift to mobile computing.

Boggle is a 4×4 “form-as-many-words” game that is played by linking letters beside each other and without jumping or skipping away from the last connected letter. It is played with a timer of 3 minutes in special modes you can choose from. 

boggle-android-phone-screen01_656x369Hmm… by the way, are you familiar with “Word Factory”? Yes? Guess, it is where such gaming idea came from, huh? Still, the one thing that makes Boggle more appealing compared to its rivals is its graphics – from its color combination to its 3D graphic design.

Hey, since games involve our “eyes”, its graphics should be attractive… and with this, Boggle certainly got it. Not to mention that it’s a good “brain trainer” as well.