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Tim Cook and Apple TV

Apple TV has already upgraded its version to 7.0 ..and here’s what head honcho Tim Cook has to say about their kind of TV..

Hmm.. for consumers, there’s a couple of things to note here on what Cook said.

One. TV is stuck in the 70s as interface is simply terrible. Two. Apple has added more content so one has more things to do.

Guess what, TV nowadays as we can see is becoming like a giant computer – at least for tech companies that is.

Apple’s version 7.0 provides that photo uploading feature in iCloud and utilizes Beat Music for every fan to enjoy.

Then again, if technology is just concerned about what application it could add (of course) – then it’s no longer a real TV but a hybrid computer. Don’t you think so?

The controls...

Oh, it has movies? Music videos and things like that? Well, that’s what computers are noted for in the entertainment side of things. Not to mention the games.

TV is about the regular programs it airs. See, no matter how technologically advanced your TV is.. If programs take the backseat then your TV is no TV.

And it’s not about being stuck in the past. Want a good TV? Talk to your local TV stations. Really.

Innovation Watch: End of Smartphones?

Is it the end of the line for smartphones? I mean in terms of innovation?

Oh, you may say “I see but then why? What’s wrong with phones nowadays anyway?”

Well, many has actually began to notice that these smartphone innovations have just been focused on screen size, camera quality, design, and battery life. Yea, we also know about the huge increase in camera pixels, volume and even water and dust resistant features of smartphones as well – which is of course good but..

Apple's iPhone 5s
Apple’s iPhone 5s

The fact that, when we noticed that Apple and Samsung just kept coming out (since their second model) with upgraded versions of their previous model – what we see are just “bit by bit adjustments” that I even joked a comrade to just wait for their 8th upgrade before replacing his smartphone to see a unique or bigger improvement on their mobiles.

Look. Constant upgrades only gives many consumers a problem; and obviously, it’s “having more cellphones than one would actually need.”

Hmm… okay, there are these trade-ins and things like that, but hey – you’d still be coughing out some money. And if you think of just selling them, who’d buy? The naive? The poor?


Good for you, and sadly, that’s just how business is. But how about your buyers? Certainly, they’d soon catch up with advancement and would be insatiable as many..

..this brings us to a bigger problem which is eventual “environmental” issues – again, which is really the result of a dilemma in cellphone disposal.

See? While advancement is good, the price to pay is heavy. So, if manufacturers could only do minute improvements to a newer model – then why not wait or save all (multiple not just one) your ideas for a greater jump in innovation?

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

Well, that’s if only manufacturers could agree.. and we, consumers, could also contribute on what we really want. Yes, forget those simple camera or music improvements. Instead, don’t be afraid to imagine. Ask for the moon.

In the end, while you may not see your exact wish come true, the devices that would come out in the future are far greater than just upgrades to existing models.

Apple is the MVB

Apple is the MVB

Well, what do you know? Apple has overtaken Coca-Cola in the rankings – after having a tug-of-war with Samsung on being the world’s most valuable brand. No, we’re not questioning Apple’s position, certainly not. It’s a quality brand. Just curious.


Incidentally, Coca-Cola who was number 1 last year dropped to number 3 this year; while Apple who was number 2 last year, is now number 1, Google is second.

What’s interesting in these rankings is the metrics that was used, like financial performance. If it means revenue, then certainly the more expensive (yet necessary) product would come out on top. This then makes it a bit questionable. How many units were sold anyway? Right, we should speak in terms of units sold and a “cut off” amount for ranking inclusion.

Let’s say, after tabulation a car brand costing no lower than $100k sold 100 units. Then a pen priced at $5 each sold 1.8 million pieces. Who gets the “best brand” title? The car which raked in $10 million, or the pen at $9 million? The car?? It only sold 100 units! So, it must be the pen! Besides, the pen made the “cut off” in terms of revenue… as say qualification for ranking should be sales of no lower than $8 million. With this, $9 million made the “cut off” and it’s not too far off from $10 million. So..

Criterias should be clarified.

Trading in or going small?

Trading in or going small?

With the iPhone 5S and 5C basically out – have you already thought of trading? Well, the race is on now from $50 to as high as $450.

iphone-cash-money-subsidy-e1332800637842And there are several WHEREs that you could trade-in your old iPhone – from Amazon.com to Nextworth to Best Buy to Radio Shack to Wal-mart to GameStop and more.

Certainly, we all look for the best possible deal. Yes, the most money we could get – but other than that, have you also considered buying a smartwatch instead of a smartphone? Hey, it could do many things a smartphone could do – from social media to calling and of course, telling time. If you just want games, why not a tablet or an iPhablet? Or even your old iPhone will do. See, saving is also a good deal.


Then again, if the world is moving towards wearables as the trend is showing – then smartwatches should be a better choice than smartphones – after all, more than just taking in credits for trade-ins, you got the money to upgrade. Know what I mean?

In all this, it’s still your choice.. and it all really depends on your “actual” needs. So.. think well. Choose well.

Say “cheese”!!

Last July, Nokia unveiled its Lumia 1020 smartphone with a 41 megapixel camera – it says consumers would be able to “shoot first and zoom later” without affecting quality. More than the camera features itself, I say, the good part here is that – it’s still easy to carry.

Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1020

On the other hand and this time, it’s Sony’s turn. In their case, the Z1 allows stand-alone lenses that connect to smartphones, allowing them to take higher-quality photos. Wow, this phone already looks like a camera! See that?!

Sony Z1
Sony Z1

Well, following Apple and Samsung’s patent battles — the war on smartphones’ cameras promises to be a blast!

For consumers, these are good innovations – but then, always try to make things simple from usage to handling to storage – most of all, remember that this is still a smartphone more than another camera; otherwise, manufacturers should just have to re-categorize their products. Makes sense?

A cheaper iPhone?

A cheaper iPhone?

Well, almost 2 weeks ago, there was this news that Apple was to produce its iPhone 5C with a plastic back – resulting in about a $17 cut on its manufacturing cost per item.


Sounds good? Not actually. Because this drop is only good for Apple – not for potential buyers. It’s Apple who saves not the consumer.

Wow, then why buy it? Because it’s Apple? But, but wouldn’t it be unfair to consumers? If Apple found a way to cut its manufacturing costs – why not do the same for its customers? Consumers are absolutely looking to save as well. If consumers looks at this as a “one-way” scenario between Apple and themselves — we could eventually see a sales drop outpacing “curiosity.”

Then again, today, September 10 — Apple is to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 5S and now lower-priced 5C’s for patrons to enjoy.. and so, let’s see.