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Travel Time: Training. Arts. Russia.

Sometimes or many times, to understand a culture, we got to visit their country; yet thanks to technology, we could go through their souls (?) before we could even step on their soil..

For the day’s video, we feature an interesting one in Russia. Yes, this is because many of us don’t really quite get the hang of their nation. So, let’s just get a glimpse of their being for now..

Just looking at the video gives us an impression that Russians are kinda tough, that is male or female. Think so? Perhaps. But mind you, she’s just in training that’s why. Still, that’s a tough sport, eh?!

Anyway, here’s another one..

Hmm… Performing arts? Now the tender side. Right. Creative. Lovely. Even comically sensual.

Therefore, in more ways than one, culture should just be appreciated rather than questioned. Russia is still a beautiful country; and cooperation is just a matter of sincerity and patience.

Consumer Photos 43

While local drama is popular anywhere in the country, there are some disparities when it comes to movie going… or so.

CenterMall Cinema
CentreMall Cinema

Natives of Luzon loves to watch Tagalog films in cinemas…

DVD discs with an average of 10 movies in 1
DVD discs with an average of 10 movies in 1

On the other hand, more Visayans would rather watch DVD films at home; okay, although the screen is smaller, it’s cheaper and more convenient. Makes sense.