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Home Makeover: Bathroom

What, or where’s your favorite spot in your house? Your bedroom? Kitchen? How about the ‘bathroom’?

Tell you, that’s one nice place to relax. Soaking in the tub, drinking your favorite wine while listening to some cool music..

But what if you’ve “outgrown” it or something? Oh, then let’s just check out this Bathroom Makeover video by House & Home..

Hmm… Plants. That’s nice to have really but sometimes, it’s just overlooked by many. And wow, what doesn’t IKEA have? Pretty cabinets.. And that sink is just great with those drawers – nice idea, very useful!

Anyway, while the floor tiles look anti-slip, it also seems a bit hard to clean – it’s just compact.

Still, it’s good that space had been addressed; while the choice and repositioning of the mirrors was just fantastic.

The shower curtains? Neat. A good reflection of the bathroom indeed.